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12 Best Hairstyles for Women with Short Hair

Updated on February 19, 2016
Wispy Style Short Hair Style
Wispy Style Short Hair Style | Source

Women have gone the wild way of adapting to short hairstyles and cutting for a pretty pose. The love for long hair is not something all women prefer as they believe in changing their hairstyles time and again. Sporting a cool short hairstyle is also easy to maintain and sustain. Initially considered risky but the sudden grow in the short hair vogue has taken many fans under its wing. Sporting a cool short hairstyle is also easy and less hectic to maintain. Basking in the summer sun can never be this cool if one is seen sporting short hair with a slick and detailed look. From celebrities to high fashion street models short hair is in and here to stay.

Wispy Style

An easy style that can be achieved in less than 5 minutes, wispy bangs are asymmetrical and ideal for bold and casual look. It is usually tilted to the right or left to avoid direct contact with the eye. Actress Cate Blanchett has been seen sporting the wispy bangs in many occasions.

Retro Short Hair Style
Retro Short Hair Style | Source


Retro styles have always been the ultimate showstopper and look of the elite. If one has to go by the recent trends then short retro styles are a big hit and attention seeking. Style diva and pop icon Lady Gaga swears to go by the short retro style time and again.

Spunky Spikes Short Hairstyle
Spunky Spikes Short Hairstyle | Source

Spunky Spikes

Spikes have always been the safest option for men but nothing could beat the style element and spunk when it sits atop a woman’s head. Funky and devilish spunky spikes are rare and only the gutsy may sport it. Bat Woman Halle Berry was the pioneer in making this style famous overnight.

Low Side Bun short Style
Low Side Bun short Style | Source

Low Side Bun

It is a very popular styling that makes the hair look voluptuous. Sporting it on short hair will be a real game of mix and match and thumbs up if carried with perfection. Youth icon Jennifer Lawrence was seen wearing it excessively during her Hunger Games promotions.

Short Pixie Style

Flaunting a short pixie style is no mean feat. One needs the perfect shaped face and attitude to carry with grace. Plus this can be tried by women from 6 to 60 and never fail. The short pixie style was sported by actresses like Charlize Theron and Keira Knightley not long ago.

Short Pixie Style
Short Pixie Style | Source
Pin Curls
Pin Curls | Source

Pin Curls

Short pin curls look like a million bucks and fetching. Not endorsed by many due to its bold and royal look pin curls are a secret desire of every women. It is vintage and curly at the same time giving the personality a steep uplift. The style was once popularized by queen of hearts Elizabeth Taylor.

Curly Bob

The curly bob looks playful and sassy at the same time. The love for short curly hair is suddenly in demand as the world wants to look glamorous and the curly bob ranks high in trend. American actress Katherine Heigl was renowned for her curly bob blonde hairstyle.


Made famous by celebrity singer-songwriter Dolly Patron the doll-y oozes charm and grace. One can flaunt the typical doll-y in a shorter version to look fiery and grab eyeballs instantly. The shorter style looks modern and highlights the sharper features of the face.

Doll-Y | Source

Vintage Curls

Vintage curls look classic and rich and are a top trending fashion in recent times. It does take time to exhibit it but the posh and adorable look has been received with great acceptance. American actress Christina Hendricks looks beautiful in her typical vintage curls off late.

Vintage Curls
Vintage Curls | Source

Modern Bouffant Style

Perhaps the most simple and beautiful style for a lady the modern bouffant style is very common for women in weddings and private function. It uplifts the face and shapes up a clean and classic look that can seldom fail. American actress Jessica Alba is a fine example of flaunting it perfectly.

Modern Bouffant
Modern Bouffant | Source

Full and Fabulous

The full and fabulous hairstyle has been evolved by the celebrated women and makes a picture perfect frame. Cut sharply down the edges without tampering with the volume of the hair this trend is gaining significant repute with time. Actress Olivia Munn has flaunted this hairstyle much before the world knew about it.

Full and Fabulous
Full and Fabulous | Source

Bob with Braided Bangs

Innovative with a mix of old and new braided bangs with a bob looks fun and mystic. It requires a decent volume of the short hair to adjust two styles in one and still look fabulous. One should learn from actress Michelle Williams on how to look flirty and fresh in a bob with braided bangs.

Bod with Braided Bans
Bod with Braided Bans | Source


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