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Natural Ways to Remove Pimple Marks and Acne Scars

Updated on October 30, 2017
Neha Sadana profile image

Neha has been writing beauty articles for 5 years. She is passionate about skincare and natural remedies.

Pimples on forehead
Pimples on forehead | Source

The most important part of human body is the face, as it beholds the personality, expression, and outlook of one's self. And if a small scar or blemish appears on it, it worries us to the extreme. And then we start to use all kinds of drugs and medicines to cure them. You may tend to blindly follow even various remedies suggested by people around us. Here are listed some best ways to remove pimple marks from face, which can help to fight against this skin battle.

Dark Pimple Marks Removal Methods

  • Lemon juice for scars

Lemon juice has alpha hydroxyl acid which effectively acts to fade pimple scars and stimulate healing process. To achieve this squeeze the juice from lemon. It can be applied in diluted form by adding small amount of water to it. After making the juice it is ready to be applied on the affected area.

Take a cotton ball, soak in the juice and apply to the affected area. Allow it to dry completely. After this rinse with cool water now apply natural moisturizer. You have to avoid direct sunlight as skin becomes sensitive to UV radiation after this lemon application.

Aloe vera fresh pulp for face mask
Aloe vera fresh pulp for face mask | Source
  • Aloe vera is best

Aloe Vera is enriched with vitamins required for quick action on skin problems including scars and pimple marks removal. Also the added advantage of this plant is that it's a natural moisturizer. For medication purpose crack a small piece of this plant leaf and peel off the outer skin to extract the aloe Vera gel inside. Then rub this extracted gel onto the location of the mark or scar and for best results leave it on face for at least 30 minutes and the rinse it out.

  • Baking soda for pimple marks

Baking soda contains sodium bicarbonate which acts as a gentle scrub when applied on skin. Mix few spoons of baking soda with water so as to form a thick paste. Take this paste and massage on the skin where the scar or mark is present. Keep it for one or two minutes and then wash off with lukewarm water. Later apply some natural moisturizer onto the skin. Continue this treatment once daily to get clean face.

  • Cucumber to remove marks

The vegetable cucumber has great remedial properties when it comes to skin ailments. The reason behind this is that it contains vitamin C, vitamin A, and magnesium. For application, take a fresh cucumber from the organic market and cut a slice of it and apply on the affected area of the skin. Keep it for 30 minutes, after which discard the slice and wash of the face with cold water. This can be done several times a day or as required.

  • Coconut oil to get scar free skin

Coconut oil is a natural moisturizer with very good healing properties. Take a spoon full of coconut oil and massage it directly on the skin on the affected area and leave it to soak in. Normally there is no need to rinse it off but however if it feels too oily on skin then keep it at least for 30 minutes and then remove with natural cleanser.

Honey is the best
Honey is the best | Source
  • Potato juice mild natural bleach

Potato is rich in vitamins and minerals. It also helps in healing of scars and marks very effectively. For application, cut potato into thin slices and directly apply on the scar or mark on the face and leave it for approximately 15 minutes. Now it can be rinsed off with warm water. This treatment can be applied once per day to remove dark marks caused by pimples.

  • Skin loves Honey

This item is a well-known natural moisturizer which heals pimple scars. First of all take a correct grade of honey. The meaning of this is to take a medicated honey found in medical stores or with local farmers and not the normal honey found in grocery stores. Now take one teaspoon of ground cinnamon to two teaspoon of honey and mix it well. Apply this mixture to the mark of the face.

This can be done daily till you see reduction in face marks.

How to get Flawless skin with Potato

  • Sugar scrub is effective

For a more therapeutic way to treat pimple marks, make a homemade sugar scrub. Sugar cane contains glycolic acid, another AHA that removes dead skin and promotes cell regeneration. Simply mix raw organic cane sugar with virgin olive oil at a two-to-one ratio, and then add few drops of organic lemon juice until your scrub is workable, but not too watery. Apply sugar scrub to scars about once every two or three days. Leave on for about 15 minutes and remember to follow up with a good natural moisturizer!

  • Vitamin E capsules works well

Vitamin E capsules are easily found in any chemist shop and provide healing remedy for pimple scars and marks. These capsules can be punctured at its tip and the gel inside the capsule is squeezed out and can be applied directly on the marks. Or this gel can be best used with sandalwood powder to give an instant radiance to the skin. Vitamin E is best known for its super moisturizing effect.

  • Calamine cream or lotion

One of the best remedies for pimple marks is calamine cream. It works wonders on your skin from curing the pimples, improving skin health and removing any marks. You just need to apply the lotion on the pimples and then leave it overnight and wash it in the morning. Make sure you apply the calamine lotion after cleaning your face of any dirt and oil.

So break all the myths and tricks for a beautiful skin and just follow simple and natural remedies as described above and get a flawless, clear skin. Using the methods you can gradually remove black and dark pimple marks that destroy the overall texture of your skin.

© 2015 Neha Sadana


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    • Neha Sadana profile image

      Neha Sadana 2 years ago from India

      Thanks to you for the feedback! You are right, natural ingredients are best to make skin healthy and glowing.

    • profile image

      Gladys 2 years ago

      I tried turmeric,milk and lemon every night. For two weeks, I can see results, it lighten my dark armpits and also my dark spots on face. Natural ingredients really works best for skin. Thumbs up for this.