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15 Creative Black Nail Designs

Updated on August 25, 2016

Natural, nude or bright nails always look nice. But sometimes you might want to experiment and turn to the classic black. Black is good not only in clothing, but in nail design as well. But black nails shouldn't be gloomy or dull. Check out these 15 black nail designs that have latest trends - combination with gold, metallic and matte.

1. Black and natural with golden metallic stripes

2. Black with golden glitter

3. Black and gold triangles

4. Black and silver glitter

5. Black matte with cardiogram sign

6. Combination of black, black matte and golden stripes

7. Adding some glitter to the classic black matte manicure


9. Black with colorful glitter

10. Matte black and silver lining

11. Matte black and dots combination

12. Animal print in black shades

13. Combination of matte black and regular black nail polish

14. Red stripes on a black nail polish

15. Black and golden dots

Not many people associate black nail polish with the image of an elegant lady, however nice and neat manicure will definitely make your image better! The most important thing is to find your style. Be sure to keep your hands, nails and cuticles in ideal state, otherwise black nail design will accentuate the flaws. Be sure to share with your friends these new nail design ideas and try them yourself! And if you are tired of black, be sure to check nail polish trends that never go out of fashion.


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