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Looking For A 17 Inch Laptop Bag? READ THIS BEFORE YOU DECIDE

Updated on June 4, 2013

The Top 17 Inch Laptop Bag For Women And Men

There is a huge range of 17 inch laptop bags on the market. It can be quite daunting considering all the designer laptop bags for women, more functional laptop bags for men and the range of cool laptop bags available almost everywhere.

After extensive research I believe I have found the top 17 inch laptop bag for men and women. It is the Case Logic 17 inch laptop bag and, on this page, I will explain why it is arguably, the best choice.

For those who need a 17 inch laptop bag that is a little different in format, I have included other Case Logic choices, as well as a link to a very extensive list of Case Logic laptop bags.

I hope I have made your decision a little easier.

What To Look For In A 17 Inch Laptop Bag

I first thought that a laptop bag was a laptop bag. After all, they basically look the same. However, after years of weekly commuting between cities, I discovered that using a laptop bag with all the right features makes travelling a lot easier.

There are 5 main features that you should consider when choosing the right 17 inch laptop bag:

1. Size: Sufficient for your laptop and accessories without resulting in excessive weight.

2. Ease of carrying: The position and padding of the strap/s and the center of gravity of the bag.

3. Style: Designer laptop bags for women, in particular, are expressions of personal style.

4. Material: Both appearance and durability matter with 17 inch laptop bags.

5. Compartments: A well organized 17 inch laptop bag can help you work efficiently and reduce stress.

When it comes to laptop bags women, in particular, need to be conscious of ease of carrying. Negotiating security at airports or carrying your laptop on public transport can be challenging at the best of times. Choosing a comfortable, stylish 17 inch laptop bag will make the challenges a little easier to overcome.

Case Logic Demonstration

The Best 17 Inch Laptop Bag

Case Logic Make The Best 17 Inch Laptop Bags

Because Laptop Bags Are Their Speciality

Case Logic's company slogan is "Life, Simplified". You can see this philosophy carried through to the design of their 17 inch laptop cases.

The company started out in 1984 making cases for storing audio cassettes. Today, Case Logic develops industry-leading products for carrying and organizing technology.

In the case of a 17 inch laptop bag, there are 2 choices - choose a brand that specialises in luggage, or one that specialises in technology products. I would recommend the latter for a simple reason - designers specialising in technology understand the specific requirements of users of 17 inch laptop bags.

Case Logic - The Laptop Bags Women Rate Highest

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