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18 Things Women Should Always Keep In Their Purse!

Updated on March 6, 2016

1. Vaseline

The reason why Vaseline is so good to have with you is because it has multiple uses. Not only is it great for chapped lips, but it's also useful if you end up with a scrape or burn while out!

2. Pads/Tampons

Have you ever been in a public place when you unexpectedly got your period? It's a mess. You should always keep pads and tampons with you in case this happens to you or a friend. Tampons are also useful for helping with a bloody nose (trust me) and in a dire situation, as a water filter.

3. A snack

It's always a good idea to carry a snack with you in case you get hungry. I normally throw in a granola bar.

4. Portable Phone Charger

We rely on our phones for a lot of reasons. To communicate with other people, check the time, get directions, etc. so it's understandably frustrating when it dies with no charger in sight. And who wants to carry a long plug-in cord around with them? With a portable charger, it's easy and you can keep it right in your purse!

5.Hand sanitizer

Open the door. Touch the counter. Press the button. We touch so many surfaces throughout the day that we lose track. That probably means that there is also a countless amount of germs. It's good to have hand sanitizer on hand before you eat your meal or touch your face to avoid getting sick.

6. Pen

Whether it's for writing on a notepad or maybe for a job interview/orientation, it's always a good idea to keep a pen in your purse just in case.

7. Mints

When you're talking to someone, you don't want them to be focusing on how bad your breath stinks. It would also make for a terrible first impression. Throw some mints/minty gum in your purse to instantly solve that problem!

8. Pepper Spray

If you ever find yourself in a sketchy situation at night or I suppose even during the day, it feels safer knowing you have pepper spray. It can save your life. I recently read about a situation where a 17 year old girl used pepper spray to save her from getting kidnapped. Never a bad idea!

9. Cash/change

Having at least a small amount of cash and change on you is important because sometimes credit/debit cards aren't always reliable. Sometimes they are declined or maybe you want a soda from the vending machine and they don't take cards. You never know when real cash will come in handy!

10. Ponytail

I always keep a couple ponytails in my purse in case I feel like throwing my hair up one day.

11. Mini Brush

Hair can be complicated. I have thick hair and a lot of it! If your hair gets easily tangled like mine or maybe you just want to redo your hairstyle, it's best to keep a mini brush in your purse!

12. Mirror

Having a mirror with you is really useful because you can check to see if anything is in your teeth, on your face, or in your eye! You can always just use your phone's front camera, but I feel like a real mirror does the job better.

13. Sunglasses

It's not fun when you're driving and then all of a sudden the sun practically blinds you. It's not too safe either. It's essential to always have a pair of sunglasses with you so you are prepared!

14. Band-aid

Ever been in a public situation where you accidentally cut yourself on something sharp and didn't have anything to put on it? Keep a band-aid in your purse to solve that problem!

15. Lotion

In the winter especially, it's easy to end up with uncomfortably dry hands. I always keep a travel sized lotion in my bag to keep my hands moisturized at all times!

16. Medicine

When that headache hits in the early minutes of your morning errands, you're going to want something to combat it. Keeping a couple Advil's in a small pill case could instantly save the day.

17. ID

You need to use your ID for a lot of things so you should always keep it with you.

18. Phone

This is definitely the most obvious one, but having your phone on you is important. What if you forgot what you were supposed to pick up the store and needed to call your significant other or needed to call 911?


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    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      2 years ago from The Caribbean

      Great reminders! We do have 18 excuses for our cluttered purses; we shouldn't leave home without them.

    • Michaela Osiecki profile image


      2 years ago from USA

      I don't have a bag big enough to carry all that stuff. I'm lucky if I have my ID and some lip balm on me.


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