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How to do finger waves a fun curly hair style

Updated on March 05, 2013
The finger wave hair style
The finger wave hair style

Finger waves

The finger wave hair style was started around the 1920s. This hair style became more and more popular throughout the next few decades. It is still used all the time. Even some celebrities wear this hair style. You can wear it whether your hair is short or long. It looks great for every occasion. For a fancy look you can dress it up with a couple of nice hair clips . This hairstyle can also go casual. It is a great hair style for adding some edge to your usual look.

finger wave
finger wave
Finger wave hair style for short hair
Finger wave hair style for short hair

How to do the finger wave for short hair

When your hair is short this is a very easy simple hair style. It takes a little time but once you get it down it is much easier.

What you will be needing

  • Hair gel or hair lotion
  • Spray bottle of water
  • Comb

What's next

  • Dampen all of your hair
  • Comb all your hair straight back
  • Part your hair
  • Put a hand full of gel in your hair (at least)
  • Take your two fingers and place them right next to your part
  • Take the comb and brush the hair next to your fingers froward in a c shape
  • Then remove the comb put two more fingers next to the hair you just shaped
  • Repeat this process all over your head
  • It is best to start with the front section and work your way back
  • make sure that your curls line up into a line or pattern
  • Now you have the finger wave hair style!

I found this video on finger waving to be very helpful

Longer version of the finger wave
Longer version of the finger wave
More new style finger wave for long hair
More new style finger wave for long hair

How to do the finger wave for long hair

This style is a little more complicated and time consuming for long hair. I think that it is totally worth it though. It is a very elegant looking style for long hair. This style was not meant for long hair originally because the woman of that time usually favored shorter hair. They also had no way to heat style yet because curling irons and blow dryers had not been invented yet.

What you will need

  • Hair gel
  • Comb
  • Spray bottle full of water
  • Hair spray (optional)
  • Curling iron
  • Hair clips to pin hair into place
  • Hair dryer

What to do next

  • First follow all of the above instructions above for the top half of your hair
  • Either wait for the top half to dry completely or use a hair dryer
  • Next separate the bottom half of your hair into two rows
  • Start with the the bottom row
  • Curl small strands of your hair in this row in one direction and the pin them up so they can set
  • After the first row is finished start curling the second row in the opposite direction (one row should be towards your face the other should be away from you face)
  • Pin all of these curls up as well to let them set.
  • Lightly spray with hair spray (optional)
  • Let all the curls down and adjust how you would like

Helpful video for finger waving long hair

Some different ways to wear the finger wave

So if you decide you really love this hair style there are few things you can do to dress it up. You can do what they did in the twenties and thirties and wear it with a cute hat such as a fedora. You can get some cute hair clips like butterflies. Adding a couple of feathers is another cute accent. Any of these accessories will add some flare and personalize this look. Also for long hair pinning it up into a bun like the video above is another great option. You can't go wrong this style can be worn just about anywhere for any occasion.

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