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1940s Fashion

Updated on March 24, 2013

Pencil Skirt

Let's go Vintage!

Remember, this was a time when people were low on money. Because of this people were forced to be more thrifty. There were rations on many things such as buttons and zippers, so this made it even more of a challenge.

What was great about the 1940s is that up until 1945, fashion basically stood still. The war kept high fashion from being available and it made everyone focus on a less is more approach to fashion. With the glamour that was popular in the 1930s and the flare that followed in the 50s, this was a unique situation.

Additional to that, shoes were a tough item to find. You know normally someone can go through 10 or 20 pairs of shoes in a year, especially if it is someone into fashion. In the 1940s, people were rationed to only having three pairs of shoes per year.

Yet in spite of all of this, the 1940s are one of the most popular generations that people try to emulate the fashion that they used.

So what are some outfits that were unique to the 40's? Well pussycat bow blouses were very popular. This was the first era where people wore separates, opposed to just wearing one dress all day long.

Another popular item was the pencil skirt. These happen to go well with a pussycat bow blouse. These were more practical than fashionable, but years later these are still looked at as one of the most popular dresses, people still purchase them to this day.


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