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How to Get Rid of Dark Marks and Dark Spots from Acne

Updated on June 14, 2014

Hello my lovely friends, hope you are all fine, today just felt to share with you all some of the best ways to get rid of dark marks from acne because I felt this is the right time to do so. Why? Of Course, with summer months, acne and pimples is a common problem for many of us. I simply dread the feeling of having them pop up on my face. The question popped up to me: How can I get rid of dark spots from acne? So I was searching for some of these simple remedies which will help me out. Thus, thought to share with you all too, hope it helps you also.

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20 Ways to Get Rid of Dark Marks and Dark Spots

  1. Applying sandalwood and rosewater paste can be considered as an effective way to get rid of dark acne marks from face. Leave it for half an hour and then wash off. Doing this regularly will help to clear the marks.
  2. Fenugreek is said to be useful treatment for acne. Simply make a paste of fenugreek leaves and apply on the affected region.
  3. Olive oil too helps in fading acne marks. At nighttime, just massage a few drops of olive oil on the face and leave it. In the morning wash off with lukewarm water.

Lemon being natural bleaching agent helps in reducing acne and dark spots
Lemon being natural bleaching agent helps in reducing acne and dark spots

4. Cucumber juice is known to bring glow to the face and helps in reducing acne marks too. You can apply it on the face with the help of a cotton ball and just leave. You can even mix lemon juice too it.

5. Lemon is said to be a natural bleaching agent, either apply lemon juice directly on the acne scars with a cotton ball or else use lemon peel and gently massage the face. Doing this will bring a visible difference in your overall facial appearance too.

6. Ice cubes have been found effective in preventing acne breakouts from getting worse. Just wrap ice cube in a cotton cloth and rub on the face. It is important to note that you should never rub icecube directly as it might heat your face up. So, a cotton cloth is always needed. It will prevent the acne from flaring up.

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Aloe Vera helps you get rid of acne
Aloe Vera helps you get rid of acne | Source

Effective Acne Marks Treatment Naturally

7. Tea tree oil is found useful in treating acne marks. There are many acne creams available which have tea tree oil as one of the main ingredients. Go for these creams or else apply the oil directly.

8. Aloe Vera is a magic plant when it comes to healing scars as well as reducing inflammation. You can apply the aloe vera pulp either directly or else mix in it lemon juice and then apply. Do these on a regular basis.

9. Different types of juices like orange juice, tomato juice, pineapple juice are found useful to reduce the appearance of acne.

Honey helps in fading away dark marks from acne
Honey helps in fading away dark marks from acne | Source

10. Honey mixed with lemon too work wonders for dark spots from acne. It is known to possess anti bacterial properties and thus prevents future breakouts too.

11.A paste made of sour milk, cream and honey should be applied on the face directly on a regular basis. This helps in removing dark spots from acne in a natural basis.

12. You can also apply onion juice mixed with honey on the acne marks. Just take 1 tbsp of onion juice and 2 tbsp of honey and mix them well and apply on the affected regions.

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Vitamin E Oil is effective in dark marks treatment
Vitamin E Oil is effective in dark marks treatment | Source

Ways to Get Rid of Dark Marks from Acne Naturally

13. Massage the acne scars with vitamin E oil. It is effective in reducing brown spots and dark spots from face. You can in fact apply the vitamin E oil on your entire face too because it is known as a skin nourisher.

14. An exfoliating face mask made from oatmeal, honey and milk too is useful for reducing acne marks. Take around 30 grams of oatmeal, 2 tbsp of honey and 3 tbsp of milk and mix them well. Gently apply it on the face and massage with soft hands in circular motion. This brings a glow on the faced and reduces acne marks too.

15. If possible, take flaxseeds in your diet either as a supplement or else apply flaxseed oil on the face. It improves blood circulation too and brings radiance on the face apart from removing dark spots from acne.

Green Tea helps in reducing dark marks and dark acne spots
Green Tea helps in reducing dark marks and dark acne spots | Source

16. A green tea lotion is also useful in treating acne scars. You can drink green tea daily or else just apply the lotion.

17. Chemical peels too are made use of by dermatologists in helping you get rid of acne scars and dark spots. But this should be resorted only if you have really severe acne. Or else, if you wish you can go ahead with at home peels which too work well for acne removal.

18. Chamomile tea can also be used for the same purpose. Just prepare chamomile tea and when it cools down add lemon juice to it. Then apply it on the acne marks with a soft cotton pad.

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19. Toothpaste too is an amazing acne removal product. Yes, it is available in your home itself. Apply it on the acne and pimples at night time and leave it. In the morning you will see the inflammation and redness getting lowered down.

20. Baking soda paste is useful in fading the acne marks. It is one of the best natural exfoliators. Just make a paste of baking soda and water and apply on the face. It removes excessive oil from the skin and also dead skin layers thereby giving you a glowing and fresh skin.

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So, friends, I hope these simple yet effective treatments will surely help you out to get rid of acne marks from acne. If you have been following some other remedies or natural treatments for acne, please mention them in the comment box below.

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