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Spring 2010 Celebrity Perfume Gossip

Updated on February 20, 2012

Find out which celebrity perfume  made it into the news this time around! Celebrity perfumes are known for producing a lot of hype and for raking in huge profits. After the wild success of the 2009 celebrity perfumes, celebrities are at it again, this time with bigger and better marketing strategies. Here's a roundup of the recent news on celebrity perfumes!

Paris Hilton Channels Marilyn Monroe

Paris Hilton, the chameleon celebrity well-known for grabbing the media's attention, grabs it yet again by appearing as a resurrected Marilyn Monroe. For her 10th perfume (yes, she has already sold 10 perfumes) Paris Hilton will embody Marilyn's platinum glamour. No words yet on the notes, name, release date or price on the new Paris Hilton perfume.

Her past perfume campaigns have fronted Paris dressed up as a mermaid, as a fairy, and sometimes just as herself. Doubtful that this marketing tactic has had any success, hmm? Whether the audience includes little girls or deluded grownup women, Paris Hilton has this perfume-buyin' crowd in a string. It has been proven: anything this celebrity sells, the public will buy.

In the past, Paris has noted that there are famous blondes for every era, citing former legends like Marilyn Monroe and Princess Diana. With her latest perfume, it's obvious that she will so bold as to place herself among these legendary as the leading blonde of her own era.

John Mayer Will Not Peddle Perfumes

John Mayer, in his recent outrageous Vanity Fair interview, revealed too many private details of his past relationships and, not to mention, dropped the n-bomb once, which of course was one time too many. In a series of atoning Twitter posts, John Mayer has been trying to ease the turbid waters that surround his popularity. Reducing himself to tears during a recent stage performance, John Mayer publicly laments letting own big mouth run.

Well known of being incapable of keeping his mouth shut, John Mayer blasts celebrities who create perfumes. He wonders aloud at one point, "Who says, 'You know what, I just f**king love perfumes. I always have since I was a kid. If I weren't a pop singer, I'd be a perfumer.'?" He says that while he only peddles a CD every two years, if he ever did create a perfume it'd have to smell like sausage and sleep.

Kim Kardashian Launched First Perfume

Launch of a Kim Kardashian perfume has been running around the rumor mill for a few years. The first few photo leaks and tabloid blips revealed something about strawberries, Kim sniffing testing strips, and the mention of notable perfumer Caroline Sabas, who created the successful Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy. Apparently those initial dreams never got off the ground. Now after calling wolf a number of times, something of Kim's perfume dreams has become material.

Streetwear label Lighthouse Beauty, which also creates 50 Cents' cologne, finally kicked off the Kim Kardashian perfume. The self-titled perfume includes notes of jasmine, tuberose, gardenia, tonka bean, jacaranda wood, and sandalwood. Perfumer Claude Dir is attributed to creating this "voluptuous", jasmine-laden scent.

Halle Berry Pure Orchid

With her first perfume release, Halle Berry created an unusual celebrity perfume. While most celebrity perfumes focus on pink peppercorn and tropical fruits, Halle Berry focused her perfume on her favorite note: mimosa. With the fusion of calming, full-bodied notes of mimosa and fig, Halle Berry's perfume was a major hit.

This time around Halle Berry's perfume Pure Orchid will include notes of cactus flower, lemon, blackberry crème, star anise, orchid, giant sequoia and patchouli. Pure Orchid is a sweet and warm floral perfume that dances into tropical territory.

Peter Andre Sprays Perfume in Woman's Eye

Peter Andre is known for his super slick hair and his not so slick moves. The British pop star came to a second-life of fame when marrying glamour model Katie Price in 2005. Now to combat the acerbic publicity surrounding his breakup and divorce, Andre has launched head-on his own positive publicity campaign. Appearing to create coffees at Costa café and travelling to Spain to promote his CD, this man's desire for public acceptance is relentless.

For his most recent publicity stunt, Peter Andre appears on London Oxford Street to hawk his celebrity perfume Unconditional. His slips up the slickness when he sprays the perfume into a woman's eyes. Classic Peter Andre!


If you can stomach them or any of their perfumes, celebrity perfumes can be found at great prices on discount perfume retailers.

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