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Must-Have 2014 Trends for the Summer Season

Updated on December 27, 2013

Summer is the all-time favorite season of the year for most people. There are sunny days, fireworks, beautiful vacation destinations and plenty more. It’s the only time you can wear flip-flops every day without being judged, or freezing your toes off! The season is notorious for being laid back and going with the flow. It almost gives off the Vegas vibe of, “What happens here, stays here.” Anything goes!

When you’re doing all your favorite summer activities, the most important thing is to look good. Let’s face it: no summer romance started while stepping outside to get the mail in your pajamas! It’s all about looking fashionable in the most effortless way possible. And looking fashionable doesn’t have to be expensive at all. Just follow some of the hottest trends and get a couple of statement pieces from them. That way you’re always in style without breaking the bank.

The summer must-have trends for 2014 are making their debut and it couldn’t be more exciting. Some plan for vacations, while others plan for style! This season’s desired looks involve awesome beach accessories, flowly tunics and brand new designer swimwear. These new styles are fierce whether they are paired together or done separately. Oh how wonderful the summertime is.

Safari Inspired

Swimsuit: Sabz Neon Shark Bite Monokini

Necklace: Serafina Fabric Chain Statement Necklace

The great thing about this trend is that it can be translated through almost anything. As long as you’re not wearing the zebra skin rug you stole from your friend’s bachelor pad, you’ve achieved a safari inspired look successfully. If you’re hitting the safari just for the summer, do it with an ethnic print monokini. It’s a fun way to stand out on the sand while you’re having fun in the sun. It can also be paired with a solid black swimsuit piece for some mixing and matching.

If you’re on a budget and want to find something you can wear through the fall, go for a piece of jewelry, a top or some animal print shoes. A safari inspired favorite is a lion tooth necklace that’s dressed up in gold. That way you can walk on the wild side with this piece from day to night. Another option is wearing fancy leopard flats, round or pointy-toe. The print goes with almost every basic color from sea green to red, which means you’ll get great use out of them.

The number one animal print faux pas is getting wild from head to toe. The beauty of this trend is the pop of print added to your outfit.

Tunics & Resortwear

This summer trend is definitely a favorite because sometimes women just want to be comfortable without losing their style and still catching eyes. Tunics can be worn with any style bathing suit. It is accepted at any time of the day, if worn appropriately.

For a working woman, an oversized blouse is no longer just a man’s staple. The newest trend is a loose, long sleeve button down, worn untucked, with tails flying. This look is classic, and welcomes a statement piece of jewelry. If you’re feeling bold pair it with deep red lips and hit the beach!

If you want to take this summer trend to the beach there are a number of ways to do it. A crop top and shorts is perfect for the laid back girl. On the other hand, if you sleep in heels, a long, flowy tunic will keep you relaxed on the sand because you’ll still be the fanciest one on the beach. The fun part about a tunic is the variety of prints you have to choose from, as well as the silhouettes, whether you prefer long sleeve or can’t get enough of the bohemian bandeau top.

Hipanema Bracelets

One of the hottest trends this upcoming summer season are Hipanema bracelets.

Hipanema started when two Parisian gals with a love of fashion and travel met in the beautiful Rio. These bracelets are for the fashion-forward-fashionista that wants to create a pop of color on her wrist or make a statement with unique swim wear. The Hipanema bracelets are Brazilian bracelets with an extra fashion twist. Instead of becoming a trend lasting for just a few weeks, the bracelets are created to make a fashion statement any time and any place. These bracelets are all handmade, which adds a more personal touch. The colors, designs, and bead work are so extensive and brilliant, it’s no wonder why they will be trending all the way to the summer.


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