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2012 Wedding Hairstyles and Hair Tips

Updated on May 31, 2013

The "Do" for You: Wedding Hairdo Trends of 2012

Weddings include many details such as the dress, the shoes, the cake, the flowers, but one detail every bride will pride herself on is the "Do!" A brides hairdo on her special day, once seen as a minor detail, is now a crucial decision that many young women will plan before they're old enough to receive a proposal. Many questions that tend to arise in a bride's mind include; "Up or down? Curled or straight? Simple or elegant? Veil or accessories?" As they contemplate these choices, they should keep in mind a few factors like dress detail and form, ones facial shape and physique, and even the wedding venue.

Many brides may already have a hairdo picked out but are unsure on which accessories to pair it with, or they have a special veil selected with no do in mind to match it. Some may not even know where to start, all they know is they want to look fabulous on this incredible occasion. Here are a few guidelines to follow when deciding on a hairdo that will put guests in awe and leave an impression of a lifetime.

Wedding Hairstyles Half Up Half  Down
Wedding Hairstyles Half Up Half Down

"Up or Down?" Consider the Details

Your bridal beauty is either framed, highlighted, or brought out with the hairdo you chose. Up or down is one of the biggest questions or concerns that brides face. There are many eliminating factors to consider that will help you achieve that breathtaking do that your hairstylist will be bragging about. First matter at hand: Up-dos.

Up-dos are crisp, elegant, and easiest when it comes to upkeep. They are encouraged because they highlight defined cheek and collarbones. Tight or messy buns, retro beehives, and french twists are popular options for the trending up-dos of 2012. They are the best choice to accent a beautifully detailed wedding dress creating excellent balance between glamour and elegance. They are also smart choices when it comes to outside venues. Weather is unpredictable and with a simple yet stylish bun, it keeps your hair out of your eyes and face leaving it open for your guests and, most important, your hubby-to-be to adore all night.

Another popular trend to accentuate your fabulous up-do is the stylish french braid. Not only does this delicate detail leave guests intrigued, it is also a great technique to get any bangs or layers secured tight, leaving a sophisticated presentation.

Wedding Hairstyles with Curls
Wedding Hairstyles with Curls

"Curled or Straight? Simple or Elegant?" Selecting Personal Preference

If you decide that up-dos just aren't your cup of tea, then you now face the alternative decision. Are you going to go classy and stick with a chic straight style or be a little more bold with volume and curls? Again, one factor you have to consider is the detail of your dress. You don't want to be too busy but you don't want to be too flat. Also, you might want to consider what is going to complement your facial structure. If you have a round shape with a cute button nose, curls may form around your face nicely creating a slender appeal. If you have a long oval shape face with defined features, straight is the way to go. But overall, this decision boils down to personal preference. You can show off your wild personality with some sassy tight curls or awe your guests with loose glamorous waves.

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2012 Wedding Hairstyles and Wedding Veils
2012 Wedding Hairstyles and Wedding Veils

"Veil or Accessories?" Tradition or Progression

Now that you have established the main approach for your elegant, stylish, and personalized wedding do, its time to get down to the nitty gritty. Veil and accessories.

The major question here is, are you into tradition or progression? If you prefer the vintage classic look, a veil is your calling. Veils have been one of the symbolizing features of matrimony for centuries. But in the past few years it has been kept locked as a symbol, while many brides have redirected their view to simple accessories to accent their hairdo. Simple flowers, feathers, tulle fascinators, art deco combs, birdcage veils, and headbands have been the popular trends in the wedding industry. While veils will always be in style when the wedding bells chime, accessories are definite details to consider when planning your one-of-a-kind wedding do.

2012 Wedding Hairstyles and more 2012 Hairstyles

Wedding Kiss
Wedding Kiss

Remember It is Your Day

So here you are on your wedding day. You've got that beautiful dress that frames your physique perfectly, the shoes with the perfect height to reach the lips of your one-and-only, flowers that bloom in the season of your choice, a cake with 6 tiers and perfect detail, and now to wrap it all together, a hairdo with perfect spunk, chic elegance, and complimentary accessories. Although there are numerous decisions to make, what you choose will be perfect. Just make sure you have fun with it and, most importantly, let who you are show through your do.

I know this lens is mainly on wedding hair tips, but what were your favorite parts of your wedding day, funny stories, or even just how did you do your hair on your wedding day?

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