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20 designer handbags that will make you drool all day

Updated on February 11, 2013

Most women love handbags and have at least a few in their closets. A purse is part of a woman's outfit and will complete the look that she is going for. Designer handbags are well made items that retailers charge premium prices for. There are a few handbags that achieved legendary status in the fashion world. This hub talks about 20 of the most beautiful handbags that are ever made (my opinion). This list includes totes, clutches, hobos, satchels and many more. Hope you will enjoy this hub and all the pictures.

Celine luggage tote – The Celine luggage totes come in a variety of colors. This bag is a roomy tote that carries all your essentials. Many celebrities are fans of this particular purse. Aside from the mono color Celine luggage totes, this company also makes the handbag in a combination of colors done in a patchwork pattern.

Prada fairy bag – Back in 2008, the Prada fairy bag had a long waiting list. Many of the most famous celebrities want to get their hands on one. This handbag is a grown up version of a little girl's dream purse. The artwork is amazing and intricate. For those that are lucky to get their hands on one, this purse is perfect for spring and summer.

Prada lace bowler purse – Prada is a genius for incorporating lace in their handbag designs. The bowler satchel is just gorgeous with the black lace all over it. Women love feminine lace designs. This is a unique piece to have in your collection.

Hermes Himalayan Birkin bag – The list of amazing handbags would not be complete without the legendary Hermes Birkin. The Hermes Himalayan crocodile skin Birkin is the ultimate fashion accessory. This purse is just pure luxury. The famous Birkin handbag collector Victoria Beckham has one in her collection.

Hermes Kelly in white leather – The Hermes Kelly is an understated handbag that is named after the elegant Grace Kelly. The white leather purse is perfect for summer and will make any outfit pop.

Balenciaga giant part time – The Balenciaga giant part time is a very causal and chic handbag that comes in a variety of gorgeous colors. For a causal day or event, the Balenciaga bag adds lots of chic elements to the whole outfit. The soft supple leather makes this hobo even more appealing to women.

Chanel classic flap ice cube – The Chanel classic flap bag has been around for so long that most women regard this cross body purse as a classic. The ice cube flap bag is adored by many celebrities including socialite Kim Kardashian.

Louis Vuitton’s Minaudiére Bijou – This is a little gorgeous clutch for the evening. Many celebrities adore this item by Louis Vuitton. It has a delicate gold chain and tassel to add to its cuteness.

Chanel classic flap in alligator skin – What's more appealing than a Chanel classic flap handbag? The Chanel classic flap in alligator skin. Exotic skin purses are so much more rarer than the cowhide or lambskin counterparts. This rare bag is a pure eye candy.

Louis Vuitton SC Sofia Coppola Satchel – The SC Sofia Coppola satchel is almost a luggage size bag. It is perfect for those that like understated luxury designer handbags.

Louis Vuitton white multicolor speedy 30 – The multicolor speedy has been around for a long time. This pretty handbag is perfect for summer because it makes summer outfits more beautiful. In addition to being cute, it is incredibly functional and spacious as well. Jessica Simpson has one in her closet and carries the bag once in a while.

Givenchy ‘Antigona’ duffel – This is a functional satchel that is loved by lots of celebrities. This duffel bag comes in a variety of colors. The top handle and shoulder strap will add versatility to the Givenchy Antigona duffel.

Bottega Veneta Shadow Intrecciato Nappa Tote – The woven leather handbag is gorgeous and chic at the same time. In addition to being a fashion statement, it is a functional tote that will fit all of your essentials plus extra stuff that you want to bring with you. The Bottega Veneta tote is known for its great quality and intricate details.

Bottega Veneta Corot Intreccio Impero Ayers Stretch Knot – This little clutch from Bottega Veneta is very elegant and pretty at the same time. The small clutch is perfect for evening events.

3.1 Phillip Lim Small Lark Duffel in beige leather – This is a really cute satchel that is very functional for everyday purposes. The top handle and shoulder strap offer two ways of carrying this adorable little bag. It comes in a variety of colors; the beige leather one is gorgeous for spring and summer.

Proenza Schouler PS11 – This little cross body bag is full of personality. It is a sleek bag that carries only your essentials. The metallic opening makes it look very edgy.

Valentino Mini VaVaVoom Shoulder Bag – This is another super adorable evening bag that is full of personality. It comes in a variety of colors.

Lanvin JL Bowling Bag – The Lanvin JL bowling bag is just very cute. This bag has a padlock on the front which reminds people of the Chloe Paddington. This bag is smaller and more compact than the super heavy Paddington.

A.D.M.J hello kitty tote bag – Lots of women love Hello Kitty; this little cat has fans all over the world. A.D.M.J is a Japanese brand that produces lots of high quality handbags. The tote bag is beautifully crafted with Hello Kitty on it.

Miu miu coffer bag in light tan – The Miu miu coffer bag has been popular for a while now. This handbag is very feminine with all the intricate waving and folded leather details.


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