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15 Best Summer Tips

Updated on March 12, 2016

Aloe Ice Cubes

1. Aloe Cubes

Freeze some Aloe Vera in your ice cubes tray . These cubes can help you get relief from Sun Burn .

2. Get Rid of Sweat Stains

You can eliminate sweat stains from your clothes simply by spraying some Lemon juice over them before washing .

Lemon Juice For Sweat Stains

3. Load up Melons

Eat melons ,watermelons and cantaloupe this summer to stay hydrated . The antioxidants in these fruits provide hydration to skin and helps in maintaining beautiful summer skin.

Load UP With Melons

4. Cure Cracked Heels

For curing your dry cracked heels , Wash your feet thoroughly and Apply some vaseline to them . Now wear cotton socks and leave them overnight .Wake up for soft feet :)

Heal your Heels

5. Don't Ignore Your Hands

The skin on hands gets pigmented very easily so always use a sunblock whenever you are out in sun . Hand creams can hydrate and protect hands from sun burns.

Hydrate Your Hands

6. Scrub Your Lips with Sugar

Use sugar cubes or mix some sugar with honey to create a sugar scrub. Now use this to exfoliate your lips. Helps to get soft and smooth lips.

Sugar Scrub

7. Fresh Skin with Mint Lotion

Prefer using lotions or creams with mint. It helps to make your skin feel fresh without much effort because of its tingly effect.

Mint Lotion

8. Eat Your Spf

Oral intake of Vitamin C and Vitamin E can help to limit the potential of SPF. A salad with Vitamin C rich Citrus fruits, berries , tomatoes and Vitamin E rich Nuts can be an ideal SPF meal.

9. Opt for Olive Oil

This Healthy fat contains essential fatty acids that can help skin resist the UV damage. It is advised to consume one tablespoon of olive oil everyday to keep your skin supple.

Olive Oil

10. Stay Hydrated

Drink plenty of water as water helps you to stay hydrated. Apart from that serve yourself Fruit Juices which provide your body antioxidants , vitamins, Minerals and helps you to stay hydrated in yummy way.

Stay Hydrated

11. Go Nutty

Walnuts are a store of alpha-linolenic acid and Omega - 3 fat which is the key component of lubricating layer that keeps the skin moist and Supple.


12. an Apple a Day Keep Sunburn Away

Quercetin an antioxidant in the peel of many varieties of apple can provide some sort of protection from the burning of UVB rays that can trigger skin cancer.

Apple For Summer

13. Grab a Cup of Green Tea

Green tea rich in antioxidants protects cell membranes and helps reduce inflammation. It also reduces the damage caused by sunburns and overexposure to UV rays. It is rich in the compound EGCG which acts as fountain of youth by reactivating the dying skin cells.

Green Tea

14. Soothe Sensitive Skin

For soft summer skin try homemade oatmeal face and body pack. Take 2 tablespoons of oatmeal and 1 tablespoon of baking soda , mix with water to make a paste . Apply to face and all over skin, now rub gently and then rinse.

Oatmeal Mask

15. Take Care of Your Hair

The ultraviolet rays,chlorine water, salt etc compromise the outer layer of your hair making it dull frizzy and allowing the moisture content seep out. For this after a bath rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar to deep cleanse your hair. Remember to always condition your hair with leave on conditioners.

Apple Cider Vinegar


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    • summaiya profile imageAUTHOR

      Summaiya Khan 

      2 years ago from india

      thank u

    • profile image

      Humera Aamer 

      2 years ago

      Awesome tips for summer..i was in search for most of them .....n it worked as well..thnxxx sam....

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      very informative :) thank you


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