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10 Life Saving Makeup Hacks For Every Girl

Updated on March 11, 2016

Make-Up Hacks


When Starting your makeup First apply Moisturizer : It Moisturizes your skin and makes it ready for other makeup products to be used.

Second Comes The Primer : It gives you soft skin and helps to keep your makeup sweat proof and oil proof.Remember A Little Bit of primer goes a long way. Don't Overdo It. Primer makes your Overall Makeup appear even.

Third Is Foundation : Choose the shade which suits best for your skin. Apply it evenly with sponge as it gives better application or you can even use your fingertips.

2. Turn You Pencil Eyeliner into Gel

To Make Your eyeliner appear darker and catchy hold your eyeliner pencil over lighter flame or match for about 15 seconds and see the change in consistency. Now glide your pencil for a better,darker and smudgy appearance.

Heat it

3.make Your Eyes Appear Wider

For this trick apply your Kajal to your lower waterline and fill the inner part of your water line with a White Kajal . Enjoy your Wider Appearing eyes .

4. Eye Shadow

For getting the best of your eye shadow shade apply a eye shadow primer before applying your eye shadow . This will make your shadow last longer and enhance the color of the shade.

( If you don't have a eye shadow primer you can make it by your own : Mix equal amounts of foundation and moisturizing cream . Now Apply it whenever you want .)

5. Matte Your Ordinary Lipstick

For the trick apply a coat of your favorite lipstick and take a tissue sheet then lay it across your lips . Dust some translucent powder over it,Now remove the tissue slowly. This trick will help to make your lipstick make matte and stay for longer time.

Matte It

6. Apply Mascara at Its Best

To apply mascara the best way first apply a single coat of it. Then apply some baby powder to your lashes . Now apply the second coat of mascara . That's it.!!! You will have lashes like never before. More longer and catchy.

7. Make Your Own Lip Shade

Love the color of your eye shadow and want it to turn to your lip shade. Don't worry this trick will do it. Take a spoon and add the eye shadow color you like , make sure you powdered it ( you can reuse the broken one also ) now add some petroleum jelly. Heat the spoon with a lighter for about 30 seconds ,you will see the petroleum jelly melting . Mix it with the help of a Toothpick ,Now put it in a small Container . Here you go, with your new lip shade.

8. Re Moisturized Mascara

Don't throw away your favorite mascara only because it dried up. Add some drops of saline solution to your dried mascara , it will moist the mascara and your mascara will work as it did when you brought it first .This trick also works for your flaky mascara.

9. Curl Your Lashes Perfectly

To curl your lashes a pro way use a hairdryer. Heat your eyelash curler with a hairdryer and then curl up your lashes with it . It will become a lot easier and give you perfectly curled lashes.

Heat Your Eyelash Curler

10. Cheek Blush

To add some shimmer to your blush Before applying the blush apply a little bit of primer over your cheek bones. Now apply your blush as you do. It gives Instant shine to your cheeks.


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