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29 Days Without Shampoo And Conditioner And Still Counting…

Updated on January 28, 2015

For a Cleaner and Better Scalp and Hair

Apart from having a sensitive skin, I also have a delicate scalp. From the time when I was younger, I had already gone through different but common scalp problems which are dandruff and falling hair.

I have tried different hair products and to my distress, nothing succeeded for a long time. I maintained searching online for home remedies on how to treat these dilemmas and yes were successful but because of the incessant use of hair products, these crises come back and haunt me over and over again. I had even used shampoo once a week and conditioner twice or just thrice a week but still to no success.

I began to convince myself, maybe I need to change something inside. Maybe I need to de-stress, etc.

I was gritty to solve these minor scalp problems.

Then last year I came across some articles of women who for years have avoided using hair products. They have successfully used home-made products and have guaranteed best results to their hair and scalp.

I wanted to start right away but with things here and there, busy everywhere, I had in fact forgotten about that goal until New Year’s Day this year.

I started using baking soda as a shampoo and kalamansi (our local version of lemon) as conditioner. It’s surprising that even when the baking soda (mixed in warm water) does not bubble, it has the same or exact ‘touch’ when you shampoo your hair!



After the shower, I was aware my hair and scalp were very clean and it smelled nice. I observed for a couple of days if it would endow me with my scalp enemy, the dandruff. However, for days and weeks I’ve been using it, I never considered my scalp to be cleaner. Kalamansi also has a nice smell that creates the thought you had the conditioner.

Sometimes I added some leaves of a particular flower my aunt told me. She mentioned these leaves were once used as conditioner as they leave a silky feeling on the hair. However, these leaves don’t have any odor at all. Fortunately, we have this plant but unfortunately, I do not know the name of this plant. I soak it in water for a while to wash away the dirt or dust. Then I crushed it with warm water and use a sieve to separate the liquid from the leaves. When you don’t, it will leave an impression you have a dirty hair after you shower as residues of the leaves remain tangled into your hair. I usually add kalamansi for the whiff.

With the baking soda, I mostly add a teaspoon full to a cup or half a cup of warm water and dissolve it in there. I just finished a pack of baking soda I bought at the grocery for only 12 pesos. I finished it for like 2-3 weeks. It’s really very practical.

Maybe, the daily meditation helps too in de-stressing me but maybe because the baking soda and kalamansi are great combination for a healthier and cleaner scalp.

How to create a baking soda shampoo? Here is a link.

I plan to continue this regimen. As far as I have observed, I love what it does to my oily hair.


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