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3 Top Luxury Perfume Brands You Can Never Go Wrong With

Updated on March 10, 2013

Are you a fan of breathtaking luxury perfumes?

The fashion world is truly luxurious. When it comes to high end fashion, excellent perfumes can never be ignored. Although there are hundreds of great perfume brands out there, three brands are so wonderful that they are preferred the most over others. The following three luxury perfume brands are three of the finest perfume manufacturers of the world even with the eyes closed:

1. Giorgio Armani

Few luxury brands are as distinguished as Giorgio Armani. This brand makes some of the most expensive perfumes in the world. The perfumes made by this particular brand are astonishingly nice, and are superior to perfumes manufactured by most other luxury brands. For this brand, $50 for a little bottle of perfume is a common price. However, people are willing to pay the high price because of the excellent value they get in return. The bottles of perfumes of this brand look really sweet and modern.

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2. Gucci

Gucci is a well-established name in the fashion world. Those who like the best of everything love Gucci too well. The brand is one of the best luxury fashion brands of the world, and it makes some of the finest perfumes in the entire industry. The name of this brand is enough to get people turn their heads. Most Gucci products have costs similar to their Giorgio Armani counterparts. The containers of Gucci perfumes are simply brilliant and are totally eye-catching. These beautiful shiny containers are enough to get people buy these perfumes even without considering the breathtaking smell. The style of the logo of this brand is truly creative too.

3. Prada

When we are talking about Gucci and Giorgio Armani, there is another brand that automatically comes into the picture, and that brand is nothing but Prada. This brand is one of the favorites of celebrities, and the brand has some of the most amazing perfumes to its credit. Like the above two companies, this company too makes apparels and accessories in addition to manufacturing great perfumes. Perfumes of this brand need deep pockets to be purchased of course, but if you are willing to pay the high price, you will be surprised to see the brilliant quality of the perfumes.

The above three brands are three perfume makers which are very popular in the luxury world. Starting from celebrities to some of the greatest businessmen and businesswomen, these brands make an impression on everyone without fail.

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