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3 most common ingredients of acne treatment products

Updated on August 28, 2011

Best acne treatment products

Acne is a common phenomena found in most teenagers. The more beauty conscious you are, the more acne can hurt you. Today, you do not need to worry about Acne. There are numerous acne treatment methods available for you. Be it laser acne treatment london or best acne treatment uk, people are always searching the internet for the top 10 acne treatments. You can choose the best acne treatment depending on various factors.

There are various types of cleansers, face peels for acne and moisturizers available in the market today which claims to remove acne. However, you need to check what the ingredients in those beauty products are, before purchasing them. Here are the 3 most common ingredients to treat acne effectively.

1) Acetone and Alcohol:

If you are using cleaners regularly to cleanse your skin from dirt and oil, you would know that alcohol and acetone are the main ingredients in a cleanser. It is very important to use a cleanser regularly as they would clean the dirt and oil from your skin cells and make them fresh and bubbly. Sometimes it is not advisable to use cleansers when you are suffering with Acne. However, take care to clean your face and remove dirt and oil so that acne would not improve further.

2) Isotretinion:

The main cause for the formation of Acne on your skin is the inflammation of cells due to oil and fat. If you can reduce the production of oil in the skin, you can prevent the formation of acne. Isotretinion can help you reduce the production of sebum and oil. However, one disadvantage with this technique is the dryness of the skin. As the oil content on the skin reduces, it results in the dryness of the skin.

3) Benzoyl Peroxide

Benzoyl Peroxide, an organic compound in peroxide family, acts an anti bacterial weapon to remove bacteria from cells affected with acne. This is the most essential component in treating acne scars. Once the bacteria are removed, you can get rid of those scars easily. Depending on how intense acne scars are, you need to intake this organic compound.

Apart from these compounds there are many more. Depending on the severity of your issue, you can determine the ingredients. Though you are undergoing the best acne treatment, it is recommended to take proper diet and high levels of water content to remove acne and get a healthy and rejuvenated skin.


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