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$312,000 Easter Bracelet Jackie Kennedy Onassis

Updated on August 28, 2015

Possibly not since the opulence of the Romanov dynasty and the extravagant Faberge eggs has Easter been so celebrated. While on board a mega yacht - the Christina, a yacht 325 feet in length in the Mediterranean waters off Greece in 1969, a $312,000 bracelet was presented upon a breakfast tray with a note card that simply read "Happy Easter".

The lucky lady of course was none other than Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis.

It was the very first Easter that Aristotle Onassis and Jackie would spend together.

Onassis and Jackie Kennedy were married on October 20, 1968.

According to Mr. Philip Katz of Camrose and Kross who heads up the Jackie Kennedy Jewelry replica manufacturing. It was 1969, it was about to be the very first Easter that Jackie Kennedy and her new husband Aristotle Onassis would spend together. Onassis wanted something very special.

Ruby and Diamond Replica Pin

Photo of replica courtesy of
Photo of replica courtesy of

Tiffany Must Match the Rubies in the Dual Berry Pin

Tiffany made the original brooch now known as the "Dual Berry Pin" which is housed in the JFK Library and remains on permanent display per Jackie's specific instructions in her will.

Accordingly to Philip Katz, Ari Onassis "wanted to have something very special", he wanted all the stones to match. It was now 9 years later and Tiffany stated the stones will not match.

Rubies Must Match

Ari instructed the jeweler to go back to the sales records, obtain all the 1960 pieces, buy them back and crack the rubies and in order to create a perfectly matching bracelet.

In 1969, the cost of that bracelet from Tiffany's was $312,000 which in today dollars amounts to over $3 million!

The berry pin was Jackie Kennedy's favorite piece of jewelry - in fact, the berry pin was the only piece of jewelry that Jackie mentioned in her will.

Colors of Royalty in 17K - American Princess

The colors of the royal egg bracelet chosen were the colors of "royalty". During the 1600's and 1800's in Europe, if you were caught wearing these colors and were not royalty you could be arrested. So the eggs within the bracelet were adorned by flawless diamonds, rubies, amethysts, emeralds and sapphires - the colors of royalty.

Interestingly, the original bracelet was made in 17K gold, not 18K, not 14K, but 17K. Apparently, 17K looked the best with the stones.

The replica is made in 24K electroplate. I own this piece of jewelry and am thrilled to be able to share this story. The piece is truly grand and elegant. As with all Camrose and Kross pieces of jewelry, it matches precisely in color and weight. The brooch is simply exquisite.

Presentation Across the Breakfast Tray - No Box - Simple Note

The presentation of this grand present, was simple and unpretentious. Laid across the breakfast tray with a simple note, no box, stating "Happy Easter". What a way to spend Easter! What a celebration!

Information for the photo below: Oleg Cassini Red Suit Wool Matched the Canadian Guards' Uniforms

The red suit shown below where Jackie is wearing this legendary pin was custom made by Oleg Cassini, one of Jackie's favorite fashion designers. The red wool matches the heavy wool of the Canadian guards' uniforms.

The $312,000 Bracelet

A replica of the Jackie Kennedy Onasis bracelet that was presented by Aristotle Onasis on Easter and cost $312,000
A replica of the Jackie Kennedy Onasis bracelet that was presented by Aristotle Onasis on Easter and cost $312,000

Ruby Brooch Worn by Jackie Kennedy

Jackie Kenned in a red suit with matching hat and wearing on her right shoulder the ruby brooch
Jackie Kenned in a red suit with matching hat and wearing on her right shoulder the ruby brooch | Source

Aristotle Onasis and Jackie Kennedy and the Onasis Yacht

Aristotle Onasis and Jackie Kennedy on the Onasis Yacht
Aristotle Onasis and Jackie Kennedy on the Onasis Yacht
Onasis Yacht
Onasis Yacht

Mega Yacht Christina O Statistics

"L.O.A.: 325 FT / 99,05 M
Cabins: 17
Guests: 34
16 knots/hour
3 x 476 KW per generator
Crew: 39
Beam: 36 FT / 11,12 M
Fuel Consumption: 650 lt/hour (generators not included)
Engine: 2 x 2,775 HP per engine MAN
Year of Build: Canadian Vickers 1943 / Total rebuild in 2000/2001
Price A: EURO 455.000/w (25-34 PAX)
Price B: EURO 385.000/w (13-24 PAX) EURO 315.000/w (UP TO 12 PAX)

Mega Yacht Christina O.Throughout the history of yachting, there has been only one luxury super yacht that has become a legend. The Christina, the yacht of Aristotle Onassis, is districtly steeped in stories of the rich and famous that have graced her decks. From January 1999 to April 2001, Christina O underwent a complete refurbishment. Now fully restored to her former glory, complete with 21st century luxurious standards, Christina O is available to those who want an opulent experience, embellished with the ambience of a magnificent past. Enjoy your luxury Yacht Charter in Greece on-board Mega Yacht Christina O offered by Absolute Yachting!"

Jackie Kennedy Onassis and Artistotle Onassis

Jackie Kennedy Onassis and Artistotle Onassis
Jackie Kennedy Onassis and Artistotle Onassis

Ari Onassis

Ari Onassis
Ari Onassis

Jackie Kennedy Onassis and Artistotle Onassis

Aristotle Onassis and Jackie Kennedy were married on October 20, 1968 on Onassis' private island called .

Ari Onassis was 5'5" , born in 1906, Jackie was 5'9" but reportedly claimed to be 5'7" in order to appear more petite. Ari died on March 15, 1975, Jackie died in 1994.

Ari made his money initially in tobacco-importing business in Buenos Aires, Argentina. A millionaire by age 25, Ari bought his first freight ship in 1932. Throughout the 1940s and 1950s he grew his fleet.

A shipping magnate, reportedly the wealthiest man in the world at the time.

Later in the 1960s and 1970s he expanded into air freight.

Sadly Ari lost is son, Alexander Onassis in 1973 to a tragic plane crash. Alexander Onassis was Onassis’s son from his first marriage. Similarly Jackie's son would also lose his life in a plane crash - in 1999, just 5 years after Jackie's death.

It is neither wealth nor splendor; but tranquility and occupation which give you happiness.

— Thomas Jefferson

Material possessions, winning scores, and great reputations are meaningless in the eyes of the Lord, because He knows what we really are and ...

— John Wooden

Happy Easter!

Both Aristotle Onassis and Jackie Kennedy were reported both very religious. Easter was a true holiday and a true celebration in their lives.

No matter the present associated with the holiday, the sentiment is what really counts.

For a man of Aristotle's wealth, the ability to match the rubies showcased his thoughtfulness. In proportion to his wealth, perhaps a $3 million bracelet was not significant. I must give the man credit for the care and attention to detail. He not only chose her favorite piece of jewelry, he also noted that she often wore bracelets and connected the two items for a truly customized gift, complete with the egg theme to match the occasion. Wow! How very memorable!

What material success does is provide you with the ability to concentrate on other things that really matter. And that is being able to make a difference, not only in your own life but also in the lives of others.

— Oprah Winfrey

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    • GmaGoldie profile imageAUTHOR

      Kelly Kline Burnett 

      8 years ago from Madison, Wisconsin

      I don't know much about Ari. I have heard that they lived apart in the end. I think that prenuptial agreement would be fascinating to read.

      The quote below gave a little bit of insight but we will never know the terms.

      "In the years following Mr. Onassis's death, she built a 19-room house on 375 acres of ocean-front land on Martha's Vineyard."

      For me, I love her sense of style but her choice of men were never wise choices. Of course, her father did really give her a good example so....

    • breakfastpop profile image


      8 years ago

      The bracelet is beautiful, but the marriage was not. I heard he was a very brutal man.


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