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4 Easy Inexpensive Ways to Save on Your Summer Clothes

Updated on May 30, 2016

4 Easy Inexpensive Ways to Save Money

My favorite season of course is Summer, warm day's and time to put away our cold winter clothes, and time to pull out your warm weather wardrobe like our shorts, tank tops, swim suits, mini skirts and tees, only to realize that your old Summer clothes are all outdated, and many of us usually don't want to spend extra money or it's not in the budget, we want to wear what we already have in our closet, but want a new look, however there are many ways we can put together cute little summer outfit, without spending a lot of money. Here are a couple of ideas I have put together.

Fun And Easy To Do

  1. Everyone has a long skirt somewhere in there closet, if not you can shop for one for a couple of dollars thrift store. When you look for a skirt make sure that it has an elastic band going around the waistline, Start by pulling up a skirt on at the waist line pull it up over your bust area and make a mini dress, then add a stylish belt and heels, or flats will look fabulous. You can also cut the bottom of the long skirt then measure how long you want It to hang, then hem it. Now you have a cute mini dress.
  2. Old jeans are an all time favorite and can be made into something very quickly and easy, one way is make them into shorts decide again how short you want them by cutting them the length you desire and cut, if you want to leave the hem edges raw or you can hem them all you have to do is turn the shorts inside out then roll up about an inch or two, you can use a needle and tread, or if you have a sewing machine you can use that as well.
  3. Take your old jean shorts that you have and bleach them, all you have to do is put a plastic bag on a table or on the floor or what ever works best for you put bleach in a spray bottle and spray anywhere you might want the bleached look, you can add buttons, ribbons, bows, for another different look.
  4. Another great sassy look for your sandals, flip flops, or flats, high heels ,or low heels either way, it's fun to embellish them with rhinestones, beads, markers, jewelry, or what where ever your imaginations can take you, it is so fun to change the look, just about anything to make it look new, here are a few ways to secure them on whatever you decide to use, just use glue used for the different fabrics, or you can sew all of these fun embellishments.

Be Unique

If you let your imagination soar, before you know it, you'll come up with so many brilliant ways to change all your existing clothes into something wonderful, and unique, and you'll feel a great sense of accomplishment, enjoy it whether this is your first project, or you are more advanced, any one can do this even your children will love this project and with your help they can change their own clothes into something exciting, so happy updating your existing clothes.

Do you sew your own clothes?

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      Derrick Bennett 4 years ago

      No problem MSGolden51

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      MSGolden51 4 years ago

      Hi soconfident

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      Derrick Bennett 4 years ago

      These are very great idea. Very interesting hub