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4 Important Points Everyone Must Remember About Brushing Teeth

Updated on March 10, 2013

Do you really clean your teeth nicely?

When we brush our teeth, it is not enough to just squeeze the brush on the teeth a few times. There are few very important things everyone must remember while brushing teeth. The following four points are four really important points to remember at the time of brushing teeth:

1. You should take care of every part of your teeth

If you are someone who just brushes the front part well and ignores the other parts, then you are doing serious harm to your teeth. While brushing, it is really important to brush all sides of your teeth. The inside portion of your teeth tend to be dirtier than the outside portion, and so you must remember to clean that portion well. Besides, the sides of your teeth need some amount of cleaning too.

2. Using too much toothpaste does not do any good

Some people think that using more toothpaste is better. The case is not like that. Using more toothpaste is a waste of toothpaste, nothing less and nothing more. Besides, sometimes too much use of toothpaste may cause the inner skin of mouth to peel in places due to toothpaste allergy.

3. Brushing teeth for too long is not recommended

Some people tend to brush teeth for several minutes. This habit is more harmful than useful. When you brush your teeth for a really long time, the teeth tend to weaken. These teeth are more likely to have dental erosion. Brushing teeth for two or three minutes is enough, anything more than that is not good.

4. Cleaning the tongue is really important

Many people do not care about cleaning their tongue while brushing, and this tends to affect them badly. When you brush, it is really vital to clean your tongue in addition to cleaning your teeth. Foods tend to stick to the tongue which produces bad breath. Most of the toothbrushes these days have special features for tongue cleaning.

The above four points are very important points to remember and follow while brushing your teeth. There are other things to remember too, but taking care of the above four points should be enough in most cases.

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