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4 Skin Care Tips for Men

Updated on November 12, 2011

Skin Care Tips for Men

Speaking of skin care, people think that it is the thing only women should care. In fact, men's sebaceous gland and sweat gland are bigger than those of women. The differences between men and women skins are: the acidity of skin is higher than women. The sebum and sweat are more thant those of women. The hair on face and body is thicker. Moreover, many men are doing hard physical labor under harsh conditions. Doing filthy and hard work make it vulnerable for skin to get polluted, rough and dark. So it is more important for men to take care of their skin in a scientific and rational way.

1. Keep doing massage: massage makes old cells of the skin surface fall off in time, it improves blood circulation and skin respiration. Taking advantage of the secretion of sebaceous gland and sweat gland to improve skin nutrition and activeness of deep skin cells is great for having skin lustre and elasticity.

How to: apply one layer of massage oil and fingers move along the face lines. Do it from lower part to the upper part when you wash face. Do it about 10 minutes everyday. After massage, clean face with water and wipe it out.

2. Shave in a correct way: man’s beard grow really fast. Some people have really thick beard and need to be cleaned and shaved. Morning is the good time for shaving, because the face and body skin are all in relaxed status. Pick good quality, less stimulative shaving cream, soap and warm water. Clean first with water and wait for the pores to open up and be relaxed, when beard becomes soft, start shaving. The shaving order should be: temples, face, neck to mouth and jaw. After shaving, wash face with warm water and then with cold water again in order to recover the opening pores. Apply some moisturing creams or fluid to reduce pain. Besides, refrain from using tweezers to pull out beard hairs. It is to prevent bacteria entering and cause diseases like folliculitis or furuncle etc to hurt skin.

3. Don’t smoke: if you want to make your skin lustrous and clean, refrain from smoking. Quit it. Because many harmful substances in cigarettes like nicotine, carbon monoxide and tar can damage health, making skin dim and dull. Heavy smokers have dry and dark skin, wrinkled and appear old.

skin care tips for men

skin care tips for men
skin care tips for men

4. Prevent sun burning and freezing: if you often take part in outdoor activities, it is important to prevent sun burning in hot summer and freezing in winter. Don’t forget to apply some suntan lotion or oil to prevent sun burning. Experts suggest that sun blocking should start in spring. Although the sun is not so hot as in summer, dry wind, more clear days, less cloud and strong UV rays can hurt skin very much. So sun blocking products should put to use in April. In winter, freeze protection lotions and oil should be used to prevent the skin dry out and crack open.

Men have many outdoor activities and active grease secrete, so it causes rough skin and more chances of having black head and wrinkles. It is important to keep the face clean for men. Not for an oustanding figure but for the basic skin care, men should take skin care seriously.


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