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4 hints to more subtle style

Updated on July 25, 2016

How to wear beautiful and elegant than always is the question constantly makes her fret. Because everyone knows, not just put on the latest fad, is the most expensive designer label you can be called fashionistas; nor any real comprehensive range of accessories or all five month wearing only a style that called her stylish.

Dressed is one thing, but to have exquisite style requires you a lot of effort and taste. Maybe that's how you always get people excited about combining the accessories, the way you like minimalist style, but they do not know how to become boring ... If you sometimes work well dressed make you tired, after a few recipes can be effective.

1. leisurely with accessories

Eyeglasses, earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces ... would be the items she would need to increase slightly accenting with his set of items. So when other people look at clothes you are wearing, they'll see more than just his shirt and pants, bare shoulders than when you dressed in two-wire and tapered legs than when you view a short skirt.

4 hints to more subtle style - 2

Several small accessory items to help you become more physically attractive and more impressive

4 hints to more subtle style - 3

4 hints to more subtle style - 4

Of course, no one can deny the picture will become more attractive with glasses

2. Select the type of fancy dress

Just fancy a bit more than normal, not strange that nobody wants to look! Shirt with super long arms flutters in the wind, behind bow tie shirt, a dress with fancy colors ... is enough to make you special.

4 hints to more subtle style - 5

A fancy stuff than usual a little was enough to get you to be different

4 hints to more subtle style - 6

4 hints to more subtle style - 7

Conquering fancy colors show your enthusiasm and give gu Dressed

3. Matchy matchy

The items in the kit must be given in relation to each other, that's how you take the opposite go from surprise to surprise the other. Including black and white is the most easy to mix on Earth or soothing pastel shades ... you should also arrange for items that are certain links.

4 hints to more subtle style - 8

The connection between the items of a certain factor that the overall outfit becomes more elegant

4 hints to more subtle style - 9

4 hints to more subtle style - 10

Duration of block color (color blocks) has passed and the relationship between the items in the kits help your style much more subtle

4. Toys freesize

Do not try to ignore the extensive item anyone can wear them, they are the key for you to go out and express way without lines or encumbered with the clothes in shape. Especially a long shirt or skirt freesize / Oversize, is not the best item you always wanted to own on summer days or what?


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