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4 super-aging treatment mask from honey simple for women over 25 years old

Updated on July 25, 2016

Women at the age of 25 the skin begins to appear the signs of aging around the eyes, forehead, corners of the mouth. However, there are people who do not need to age 25, which is still premature aging skin makes the face "premature aging".

To effectively treat aging and common safety or sisters still use foods or beverages such as green vegetables have anti-aging ingredients. However, there is a method to help women, too, aging treatment that is effective surprise mask with ingredients from honey.

Apply the mask from honey-aging treatment will help you to own youthful skin and slapped the youth tut, timeless beauty.

1. Honey combined with lemon

Not only helps tone white light, bruise treatment that combines lemon mask with honey also helps the skin youthful and natural beauty. At the same time, the wrinkles, crow's feet will fade if taken daily steadily.

How to do it like this: you just need to mix honey and lemon juice with a 1: 1 mixture and apply to the skin need treatment. Massage gently 5-10 minutes, then, to the dry mixture and rinse with warm water. Done regularly will help skin bright, healthy and stress balls.

4 super cool skin aging sodium don spend time honey for children over 25 - 1
Additionally, lemon and honey mask also provides utility sisters acne, melasma, freckles.

2. Honey combined with eggs

Not only effectively treat aging that egg whites are used as raw materials of brown spots, blurring scar and balancing skin.

With this method is as follows: Mix honey and egg whites in proportion 1: 2 mixture. Then cover with a thin layer on the skin and massage gently. For osmosis mask for 30 minutes then rinse with water as you retouch skin slapping the youth.

4 super cool skin aging sodium don spend time honey for children over 25 years old - 2
Perform 2-4 times / week, you will quickly owns smooth glowing skin, naturally beautiful young.

3. Honey combined with butter

When combined with honey butter would be anti-aging wonder drug efficacy and safety. Besides the use of aging, when combined with avocado mask will also help you minimize pores and skin tone.

How: pureed and mixed with honey butter into mixture. Apply it on the face for about 20 minutes then rinse with water. Should implement this method before going to bed will bring efficiency silky soft skin care.

4 super cool skin aging sodium don spend time honey for children over 25 years old - 3
Butter and honey is the panacea to help rejuvenate the skin and smooth white skin revitalized natural beauty.

4. Honey and banana

Not only aging treatment, honey and banana mask also helps stretch the skin you own utilities thanks ball lift and firm the face from banana. Once applied to the skin rejuvenation medium toned, slim.

How to make very simple, pureed banana with honey mixture. Apply the mixture on the skin and massage gently and then rinse with warm water. Perform regular weekly as you own the stretch smooth skin, full of life.


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