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Fashion guide for women: 4 outfits for shorter legs / petite women

Updated on June 28, 2012

Some petite women also have shorter legs; this hub will give those ladies four different outfits that will make them and their legs look longer. When you know how to dress, you can easily hide your flaws. Long legs are inherited from your parents. However, not everyone is as lucky as supermodels like Cindy Crawford. This hub is specifically for petite women with shorter legs. Hope you will find it useful.

Most women spend a lot of time at the office and want to look great there. I have created an outfit especially for the workplace that brings out the best in petite women with shorter legs. The dark blue blouse is very similar in color to the black pencil skirt, black tights and black pumps. When you wear similar colors, it gives the streamline look that makes your legs look long and boost your height at the same time. The A line skirt elongates the legs because it is cut right below the knee. High heels are must items for women that want to have long legs visually. This outfit is completed by long earrings that reinforce what you are trying to do with your outfit. As a rule of thumb, petite women should pick earrings that are small or long. The big hoops and chandelier types of earrings are not very flattering on small frames.

A great look for the summer involves an empire waist small floral print dress. Empire waist is perfect for those that want to have long legs and look taller. It brings the eyes up and artificially create a high waistline for you. Those that have short legs will make other people wonder how long your legs are! The floral print dress shown below is especially flattering for petite figures with shorter legs because it has vertical line details below the bust line. It will elongate your legs and figure. Platform sandals add inches small body. It is important to choose platform sandals that are close to your own skin color. This creates a chic streamline look.

The third look is a causal outfit for everyday. If you want to consistently give other people the illusion of a taller you, all outfits must be selected appropriately. V necks are must items in your wardrobe because it visually lengthens your body. Mid rise bootcut jeans are very flattering for women with short legs because it has an elongation effect. The heels will hide beneath the jeans and give you a major boost in legs and height. I completed the look with some long feather earrings and Louis Vuitton speedy 25 in the monogram. The earrings reinforce a vertical line for your body. The speedy 25 is a perfect example of handbags for petite ladies with short legs. A flattering look must be completed with a purse that is proportional to your frame.

Another great look for small ladies with short legs is an appropriate maxi dress. Traditionally, small frames should avoid full length clothing. However, a maxi dress with vertical lines and small patterns will look amazing on petite women. You should choose a maxi dress that is empire waist because that will be the key to accentuate your long slender figure and legs. The maxi dress should also have some details of vertical lines so that it gives the illusion of a taller frame. The summer outfit shown below is completed with some small accessories. For petite frames, it is important to choose jewelry and other accessories that are small to stay in the right proportions.


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    • Frenchtoast78 profile image

      Frenchtoast78 5 years ago from Philippines

      Wow, these are great. I stand 5 feet three inches tall and i don't have long legs. Will try this out.

    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 5 years ago from US

      Great pick and love the shoes, I have several pair, made just for us short women!