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5 Awesome Colognes Every Father Should Have

Updated on March 15, 2015

What are the best colognes for Dad? Father’s Day 2013. Fathers day isSunday June 16th 2013 is a day in which we pay homage to that father in your life, either your dad of the father of your children.

Father's Day 2013
Father's Day 2013

With Father's day only a few weeks away, our thoughts to finding the perfect gift for the old man. Based on ads in the paper, commercials on TV, Father’s Day doesn't seem to be regarded as highly as Mother’s Day. Why, I don’t have the first clue.

The Old Man

My memory of father’s days past are those of my dad whipping out the grill, popping the tab on a Miller Light and cooking up the Sunday dinner.

He didn’t seem to want much more out of the day other than to show his boy how to grill and talk about nothing. Maybe this is what the advertisers know.

That said, and with the old man in mind, I would like to present 5 cologne your dad should have.

Polo Red White & Blue
Polo Red White & Blue

5-Polo Red White & Blue

Released in 2009, Polo RW&B is clean no nonsense, no frills choice for a cologne for dad. I compare the minimal nature to that of my Rib Eye grill technique passed onto me from the old man, keep it simple, salt, pepper and a hot grill. That’s it!

Red, White and Blue pulls this off with simple notes that include:

  • Top Notes-Apple, Cucumber
  • Middle Notes-Lavender, Sage
  • Base Notes-Musk, Woody Notes

Polo pulled these notes together to create a cologne that reminds me of my father in that that it is mature(mature doesn't mean old),subtle and calming in the way the old man was back in the day when the Scent Bro woke up in the middle of the night scared of the storms.

Thank's for being there dad
Thank's for being there dad

As a side note, this cologne is a great one to pack on a first date. When your friend is sitting across the table from you, shields up, tense and a little apprehensive, a cologne that reminds her of her dad maybe the thing you need to get her into the flow of things.

Rocawear Evolution
Rocawear Evolution

4-Rocawear Evolution

Yes, you read correctly, I’m recommending a cologne from a rapper for Father’s day. This very sexy fragrance is a combination of old school class and new wave swagger.

Or to put it another way, this is a cologne that reminds me of the time I tried to reconcile two images of my father. One image of course is the fatherly dad thing, the second image is the slick talking dude I saw biting on my mother’s ear, talking @#$# and messing about or the dude I saw dancing his ass off during a back yard party when I was supposed to be sleep.

This great combination of styles is brought to you by:

  • Top Notes-Mandarin, Mango, Rhubarb, Rum
  • Middle Notes-Coffee, Incense, Nutmeg
  • Base Notes-Amber, Musk, Tonka Bean, Wood Notes

Don’t let the name put you off, your dad can simply hide the bottle and refuse to tell the folks at the club the name of the new scent you gave him.

Power by 50 Cent
Power by 50 Cent

3-Power by 50Cent

Power by 50Cent-No, I’m not a hip hop celebrity tour today but I couldn't resist a cologne for the younger dad in your life. Remember, the father in your life, the one you’re buying for doesn't have to be your dad. The dad in can be the father of your child.

With that in mind, may I suggest a cologne for the younger padre in your life, one that comes right on time for the onset of summer. Power with its cooling spicy notes is a great summer fragrance your young daddy will like.

  • Top Notes-Artemisia, Pepper, Petit Grain
  • Middle Notes-Coriander, Nutmeg, Wood Notes
  • Base Notes-Musk, Oak Moss, Patchouli

This low cost, casual cologne will make a great addition to your man’s collection.

Dolce & Gabbana The One
Dolce & Gabbana The One

2-Dolce &Gabbana The One

Released in 2008, this dark and warming scent is the perfect gift for the father in your life who is looking for a nice “going out” cologne. A sweet & spicy (in a man’s way) concoction, The One projects a strong, long lived image of what a dad is.

The notes in this cologne are:

  • Top Notes-Basil, Coriander, Grapefruit
  • Middle Notes-Cardamom, Ginger, Orange Blossom
  • Base Notes-Amber, Cedar, Tobacco

The notes in this cologne, particularly the tobacco (he was a pipe smoker) combine well to evoke memories of the past. Memories of summer scout camp outs or nights lying out in the driveway with my parents and brother doing nothing but looking up at the stars and making memories as that pipe smoke drifted past me.

Nautica Pure Discovery
Nautica Pure Discovery

1-Pure Nautica Discovery

A great release (2011) by the good folks at Nautica, this bottlecontains aquatic fresh, fruity hints that compliment any dad. Billed a mature scent, this is a cologne that works for any dad in any play group thanks to the notes:

  • Top Notes- Amalfi Lemon, Clary Sage, Mandarin Orange
  • Middle Notes-Coriander, Juniper, Lavender
  • Base Notes-Cedar, Sandalwood

Another summer cologne, Discovery is a fragrance with romantic applications. Something your dad will need when (Stop Sign)..

'nuff said on that. What your dad plans to do with your mom after spraying this on is their business and quite possibly could produce a mental image we don’t need or want.

Each of the colognes in a way remind me of my father and the good old days when I didn’t have much to worry about other than monsters in the closet ,making my grades and was the lawn cut good enough to get allowance.

Many of our fondest memories are based on scent. Whether that be the scent of mom’s roast beef, a grilling burger or dad’s cologne, these are memories I will treasure to my ending day.


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