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5 Best Rolex Watches

Updated on January 7, 2013

The word Rolex, conjures up ideas of luxury, wealth and power. This beautiful brand of watch, is perhaps the most famous of all watch brands, and rightly so, as it has, and still continues to, produce some of the most beautiful watches known to man.

The brand, inaccessible to many due to expense; it can be considered a goal to own one. Celebrity endorsed, these watches feature upon many wrists: famous actors, rappers, singers, football legends and princes, some of which are featured in this hub.

In this hub, I have selected, the best 5 in my opinion, with their features, celebrity endorsers and an opportunity to potentially own one too!

Rolex Explorer II

Following on from discussing the prestige of this watch brand, this particular model is worn by none other than Prince Harry of Wales, third in the line of succession to the British Throne and to the reign of sixteen countries. How much more prestigious can a wrist get?! He has been seen to sport this watch on numerous occasions; in fact I particularly noticed this fantastic timepiece on his left wrist, at the Diamond Jubilee Cathedral Service. I took to the net to hunt it down, and I must confess, I wasn't surprised that I had been drawn towards a Rolex; they're simply just fantastic.

It's exciting features include an orange second hand, 42mm case (neither stupidly big nor too small) and date dial.

If you're fortunate enough to be able to afford this model, it retails at £5,530, but it can be bought for approximately £3,500.

Interested in the Princes' choice of watch? If yes, visit this hub!

Rolex Submariner

The Rolex Submariner, may be my personal favourite. It's minimalistic, yet still firmly a Rolex, which is what I like about it. The model I have selected for the Hub is the Submariner Date Oyster; with steel bracelet and black dial.

It's features, amongst many, include a 40mm dial, unidirectional rotating bezel (hours of fun!) and waterproof for up to 300m deep. This model also has a date dial.

Yet another celebrity spot; this time Nicholas Cage: actor, producer and director with 60 films to his name including Gone in 60 Seconds, Ghost Rider and Kick-Ass.

Rolex Yacht Master II

Another fantastic Rolex: the Yacht Master II.

The model selected is the Oyster, 44mm, yellow gold option.

It's white dial, contrasting with the 18ct Gold Bracelet Strap, really stand out; unlinke the prior watches. At 44mm it is also a larger dial than either of the two previously mentioned. It also contains a countdown (explaining the bottom dial); these additional features help it to stand out from the crowd, from other Rolex watches.

Celebrity spot: Skateboarder, Actor and Entrepreneur Rob Drydek. (see bottom right)

Rolex Daytona

It is quite unusual, yet a pleasant treat, to stumble upon a Rolex with a leather strap, as opposed to metal link bracelets, synonymous with this brand. Many people, who prefer leather straps to the feel of metal ones, then this is the watch for you.

The additional dials, reveal it to be a chronograph - able to accurately measure time in up to an 1/8 of a second. It has a 40mm dial (the smallest of those so far mentioned) and the casing is made of Everose Gold. It also is waterproof for 100m underwater. These excellent feature help it to be one of the most fantastic Rolex watches, in my opinion.

Rolex Oyster

The model of choice is the Oyster 40mm yellow-gold with black dial. It oozes sophistication and luxury. It contains a date dial and its luxury features include an 18ct Gold Bracelet. It also boasts 24 hour display, due to its bezel; and like all Rolex Watches, it is an Officially Certified Swiss Chronometer (COSC).

Celebrity spot: Austrian American former professional body-builder, actor, businessman and politician; the governor of California for 8 glorious years: Arnold Schwarzenegger.

I hope this hub has educated you on one of the most fantastic watch brands of our time and motivated you to do well, in order to save up for one of these prestigious timepieces.

This watch hub forms part of a series and along with this hub: 5 Best Rolex Watches, there is also Top 5 G-Shock Watches, another heavily celebrity watch brand, that is considerably more accessible, cost wise to readers of this hub. Enjoy!

Princes William and Harry, accompanied by footballing legend and icon David Beckham; all Rolex owners and wearers.
Princes William and Harry, accompanied by footballing legend and icon David Beckham; all Rolex owners and wearers.


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