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5 Coolest Ways To Sport Polka Dots On Yourself!

Updated on April 13, 2016

Polka dots, who made this design?

Polka dots are a simple geometric circle set against a contrast color. These have been used extensively in women's dresses and accessories. In fact, this design was in vogue in 80's, however, if viewed today, most of these dresses will seem outrageous. Dots are used in many different cultures. It always seems to be a simple, attractive yet an artistic representation of many things, this fact is especially accentuated when a proper color is used for the dot. A red dot is the center of the Japanese flag. In the Indian subcontinent, a red dot on women's forehead symbolizes purity, maturity, marital status and most importantly fertility. A dot is culturally rich, therefore, it is quite normal that this design appeals to many across the globe.

As far as dress designs go, a cool combination of the color of dots and the background will decide whether or not a particular fabric will become women's favorite. There are the tiny dots, when used in concentration can actually confuse your eyes, the large ones are outrageous, since these need to fit into the dress that is being made out of the fabric. However, the right sized dots are the ones which do not confuse the eyes, nor are they so big that they look boring. The right sized ones should also depend on the type of apparel you are choosing.

Here are 5 cool ways to wear polka dots and look stunning:

5 Cool Ways of Wearing Polka Dots!

1. Select this design for tops: The top for a skirt or jeans definitely is the first thing that everyone will notice as clothing when they see you. Tops are made from different fabric, the one made in silk could set of a shine, for those who dislike any type of shine should stay away from the silken polka dot tops. However, the chiffon polka dot top could look very chic and attractive. Design of your top could vary from the one with a light background and dark colored dots. A top with polka dot design is ideal for casual setting. However, feel free to use a chic formal shirt with this design inside a jacket, the collar and the cuffs can add some color and happiness to your formal outfit.

2. A skirt: Here is your opportunity to wear the large size dots. A long flowing skirt made from chiffon, cotton blend or silk would look absolutely stunning. Since, the design exudes an easy going yet a stylish vibe, the skirt needs to be longer. The dot design would not really make an impression if the skirt is short and fits the body perfectly. The airy romanticism of this design is accentuated with large dots in a skirt, combined with a matching top with no dots to display. Most women choose a plain single colored top. You could also try certain accessories to match both colors in your skirt.

3. Casual flat heeled shoes: These would love lovely on any dress, any apparel provided the color and the setting match. A young teenager would especially appreciate the delicateness provided by this design. The shoes when chosen in right contrasting color could prove to be very useful for everyday wear. If you are creative enough, you could add some sparkle and shine by using hobby products on them. These shoes will always stay in fashion.

4. Dresses: Buy a short jumpsuit, a proper dress or a long jumpsuit that has the polka dot design. Since this apparel spans entire body, a lot of care needs to be taken while selecting the right one. Long jumpsuits should be essentially made of sparse and smaller dots because a concentration would take away the magic of the design. A dress and the short jumpsuit have minor liberty over choice in size of the dots.

5 Leggings: Leggings are a fashion revolution. These have simply eliminated the compulsion of having to wear boring lower body clothing which was made of a monotonous color. Now women have a choice of displaying their fashion sense anywhere on the body. Leggings can use polka dots too. In fact, you do not have to stick to rules of chicness when you select the colors for these. In fact, the more outrageous the color the better it is. All you need is a great top to go with these and lot of confidence and attitude to make it strike the right note.


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Many Other Polka Dot Accessories!

This design has been used in combination with different designs and gives a wonderful impact when worn. You will find superb bracelets, handbags, belts, scarves, head bands, etc., using the polka dot design. This everlasting design has continued for decades and most probably always will remain in vogue.