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5 Easy Steps To Get Your Curls Back

Updated on March 4, 2014

Chemical Withdrawal

Is basically ceasing the use of any chemicals in your hair, such as relaxers or hair color (which are the very things I had to quit using). And don't panic! You don't have to quit using color forever, just for a little while.

Warning: You will go through a stage of awkwardness and difficulty while weaning your hair off of it's drugs but the end result will be so worth it.

Got Damage?

When I was younger I had long, extremely thick, unruly hair that was naturally curly. It was too much for my care takers to handle so they shipped me off to the hair salon to have a relaxer put in.

The relaxer made my hair so much easier to work with that they decided to make it a monthly thing. So little me was off to the salon once every month to slowly but surely have my curls stolen from me, and while at the time it meant less of a fight with my hair, when I got older I realized what a bad habit it had become.

As a teenager I longed to have my curls back but was left with very subtle waves until I decided to go through "Chemical Withdrawal" And if your problem is the same as mine was then there is still hope for you. I'll explain to you everything I did and exactly how I did it.

Step 1: Be willing to go shorter! (Not forever)

The first, and for me, the hardest step to regaining the health of my hair was to chop off my dead ends. My hair wasn't extremely long at that time but it was still fairly long, and one of my favorite parts about myself so it was really hard to let it go.

The longest part of my hair went from being just a few inches beneath my shoulder blades to being up above the shoulders (so between 4 and 6 inches)

My suggestion to you if you can't handle losing that much hair at one time would be to get your hair trimmed up about an inch at a time every month or so until all of your dead ends are gone. but it is honestly best to do it all at one time so that your ends are not continuously splitting, defeating the purpose of you trying to regain the health of your hair.

What the hair cut does is give your hair a big breath of fresh air and some people ever say they can feel the major difference almost immediately.

Step 2: Stick With it!

Cutting your hair, though it may not seem like it, was the easiest part.

The second, and most challenging step is to stick with your decision. There will be times when you'll get tired of wearing your hair up so you'll decide to straighten it to wear it down since your curls aren't quite where they need to be yet. But you quickly find out while attempting to straighten your hair that it isn't listening to your flat iron as well as it did when you had a relaxer, so you'll most likely get frustrated and want to quit. Don't do it! Because once you get past this stage the rest will be so easy.

It's difficult to put a time limit on how ling the second step takes because everyone's hair is always a t a different stage of growth, but if you would like to use my progress to guesstimate a time for yourself it took me about a year plus of no relaxers to see drastic results, and even though at this moment in time I love my hair and how far it's come, I'm still not all the way there. Don't let that discourage you though because if this is something that you really want, and are really passionate about then it will all be so worth it to you when it's over, and you'll be so happy you did it.

Step 3: Layers

If your hair grows out anything like mine did after being so short, you're going to hit this really awkward triangle Dora The Explorer hair shape that I hated so much. The hair towards the back of my head would fall normally but as the hair towards the front of my head would dry after an attempted styling, the ends would curl really weird and bunch up at my shoulders giving my hair a very unnatural shape and I literally felt like Dora. If you run into this problem and you aren't patient enough to let your air grow out past your shoulders, then the answer to your problem is one word; layers.

Now not everybody is going to have triangle/Dora head issues, so the layer cut that you decide to get could vary in length and degree. the haircut that I got to give my curls a nice rounded natural look is a long layer, or a 190 degree haircut. What it does is let you keep your length but add height and release to your volume zone.

if you're interested in having that same rounded shape with a more cropped look you should get what's called a short layer or a 90 degree cut.

these are the two cuts your stylist will work off of, and seeing as how each person is different and has different tastes your stylist can customize certain aspects of the haircut to fit exactly what you envision for your hair. For example I got the 190 degree, but my stylist incorporated more characteristics of the 90 degree toward my volume zone because my hair was more weighed down in that area.

Step 4: Products

One of the most important aspects or your new hair is going to be the products that you use to make sure your curls look their best.

I recommend a curly shampoo/conditioner and at least two styling agents. The product line I recommend and love so very much is "Curly Sexy Hair" by "Sexy Hair".

The line has a;

Curling Cream: That gives extra definition and control to unruly curly hair (like mine). It leaves your hair soft and flexible unlike moose and hairspray, but it keeps your curls together for definition without frizz.

Liquid Curling Gel:That gives curls a boost without weighing them down. It smooths frayed ends and adds bounce and shine to your curls.

Curl Power Spray Foam: Which is basically like a moose that enhances volume and bounce. It's humidity resistant and works best on fine or medium hair.

Full on curls Volumizing & Texturizing Spray: Delivers extra curl support, definition, curl memory, and bounce. It's a cream that's in the middle of a gel and a moose that gives curls different looks depending on if hair is wet or dry.

Curl Re-activator: Reactivates curls and adds time between washes providing beautiful long lasting curls.

Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner: Specializes in hydrating and strengthening curls and has Jojoba oil which smells amazing!

And for those of us that like to switch back and forth between curly and straight, you're going to want something that will protect your rejuvenated hair from the heat a give it a healthy shine, and for that I recommend,

Straight Sexy Hair Smooth & Protect Protection Spray: It conditions the hair and adds shine while a layer of thermal protection protects your ends from heat damage and that awful burnt smell.

Step 5: Keep It Up

You worked/will work so hard to achieve the beautiful healthy head of curls that you've always wanted so now it's up to you to make sure it stays that way.

I mentioned before that your break from hair color didn't need to be a permanent thing, but you're going to want to make sure you're letting your stylist do your services with professional grade products because box color is horrible for your hair and you don't want to ruin what you just worked so hard to fix.

I hope your journey to healthy beautiful curls is as fun and successful as mine

-Thank you for reading


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