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5 Essential Oils for Anti-Aging

Updated on October 4, 2017

When it comes to anti-aging, women have unlimited choices. There goes a line of anti-aging night creams and serums from the top beauty companies like Olay, and a slew of them from a handful of lesser-known companies. Vitamins like retinol and vitamin C have been a mainstay. Then Korean skin care brands are also making a splash thanks to the popularity of K-pop and Korean entertainment. And of course, we have the more natural essential oils that "promise" to give your complexion that glow once you wake up in the morning, and reduce those fine lines and wrinkles on your face.

Essential oils have been with us for years now, since they've been extracted from plants. While there's literally a very wide variety of essential oils humans have been introduced to now, whether they are really proven to work scientifically or not is still up to debate. Thing is, a few research have been done to prove they really work, but not as extensive as we've hoped.

Still, this doesn't stop certain manufacturers from making anti-scar gels and wrinkle creams and serums which contain these oils. It's up to you to decide whether they work, but you should remember that, in combating wrinkles that you already have, you should not rely solely on a "hope on a bottle" since no such thing exists. While there are anti-aging creams that can smooth out the wrinkles that already exist, you can look a few years younger but definitely won't go back to how you look at twenty years old.

For those who're in their 20s and 30s and are looking for ways to include these oils in their daily regimen, the goal is to slow down the signs of agng and to age gracefully.

Here are some of the most famous essential oils for wrinkles, and whether they work or not is up to you.

1. Rosehip Oil
Native to Chile, the Andean Indians have been using this for centuries now due to its benefits on skin. It is an excellent source of vitamin E and A, which is also referred to as "trans-retinoic acid". Retinoic acid is the main active ingredient in tretinoin and retin-A, both of which are very effective wrinkle fighters since they're clinically proven to reduce the signs of skin aging.

Rosehip oil and tretinoin are pretty similar, but the latter is a strong chemical which make it possible to be used only under the supervision of a dermatologist. Rosehip oil, on the other hand, is very natural so you can use it without any prescription.

A few significant studies have been done to prove the efficacy of rosehip as an effective anti-wrinkle, anti-scar and anti-burn agent. In a research done by the University of Santiago in 1983, 180 patients with scarring, wrinkles and burns have been studied and it's been confirmed that the use of rosehip oil has been effective enough in reducing all these skin problems, while improving their skin tone and texture.

In another study done in 1988, twenty women ages 25 to 35 have been exposed to the sun for three months and have been suffering from premature skin aging. But in four months of using rosehip oil daily, the subjects have experienced a dramatic difference in terms of their skin. Their wrinkles have been diminished, their sun spots have been reduced and their complexion had a healthier glow.

Rosehip is used for a large variety of purposes - scars, stretch marks, psoriasis, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and dermatitis, among other things.

2. Sandalwood
Its oil comes from the wood prevalent in India, and other countries in South Asia. Known for its rich aroma, it's been used as ingredient in various lotions because it also increases the activity of skin cells to draw in moisture, thus, making your skin even more moisturized. It also has emollient properties so it relieves the skin from infections and gives it a cool feeling.

As an anti inflammatory agent, it increases blood circulation in your skin, thus giving it more nutrients while removing the waste products appropriately. It is also an antioxidant so it neutralizes the free radicals giving you a youthful skin.

Recently, German researchers had found that the human skin behaves differently when exposed to sandalwood oil. It actually acts like younger skin, so its metabolism speeds up, and their cell turnover rate is also pretty quick. Moreover, cell regeneration increased by 32% and cell migration improved by 50%. Sandalwood, when added to anti-aging products, can help skin tighten, regenerate and heal itself.

3. Carrot Seed Oil
Carrot seed oil has been discovered thousands of years ago in Greece and India, and was popular for its medicinal value. In this day and age, we know that carrot seed oil is rich ina ntioxidants which of course can break down free radicals which otherwise could cause skin aging. High in beta carotene, Vitamins A and E and provitamin A, it fights aging by reducing those lines and wrinkles.

It is actually very versatile, its uses go beyond related to the skin. It acts as a carcinogenic, a diuretic and a stimulant, among other things. Likewise, it has antiseptic properties, preventing any infections from developing tetanus. It cures open wounds on the skin, but when ingested orally, it can cure throat, mouth, stomach and intestinal infections. As a detoxifier, it clears up toxins in the liver, blood, tissues and muscles.

4. Geranium Oil
Geranium is native to South Africa, and from this its oil is extracted as used for different purposes such as arometherapy. It is often compared to the rose essential oil because they have the same uses and benefits, and with this it's called the "poor man's rose", and is an alternative to the more expensive rose oil.

It can tighten the skin so if you have sagging skin, this is a gift. It also reduces wrinkles and slows down premature aging. It promotes better blood circulation in the skin, thus improving scars and dark spots.

Geranium oil has antiseptic and antimicrobial properties. It can help disinfect wounds and prevent worse infections. If you have acne, you can also use this oil to heal itself. In a specific research, ear inflammation was reduced by as far as 88 percent after geranium oil was orally administered.

Lasty, it is also used as a deodorant because of its fragrance and its antibacterial traits.

5. Grapeseed Oil
You'd never think there'd be oil from those tiny grape seeds, right? But there is, and it's called grapeseed oil. In fact, it has a wide variety of uses, especially to the skin.

Grapeseed oil contains linoleic acid, which is a rich fatty acid that makes the skin well nourished and thus, curing itself from skin problems and inflammations like acne. It also is rich in antioxidants, which prevent pore clogging, which could otherwise lead to acne.

It can also be used as an astringent, cleansing the skin properly especially if it has traces of makeup. If used frequently, it can tighten the skin enough, therefore, it is very recommended to those with oily skin.

You'd think that this oil cannot be a moisturizer, right? Wrong. Because its texture is very, very light, you can be sure that there'd be no heavy traces on the skin upon application, thus, making it a very suitable candidate as a moisturizer.

Lastly, just like its fruits, grapeseed oil has antioxidants, which destroy those free radicals in the skin cells, and therefore your lines and wrinkles are greatly reduced. It also maintains the number of collagen and elastin in the skin.


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