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5 Essentials for Every Woman's Wardrobe

Updated on October 5, 2016

Do you always ask yourself "What should I wear?" and spend countless of hours trying to figure out the perfect outfit? Thanks to these 5 wardrobe pieces, you do not have to worry about what to wear anymore -- as these essentials will make day-to-day dressing a lot easier.

Not to say that these are the only 5 pieces you need to complete your wardrobe! With these essentials, you can create endless combinations of outfits because these classics can just about go with almost everything. You can wear these pieces with minimum styling or accessorize it to create a whole new outfit; can be worn casually, at the office, or dress it up for a night out; tie it up, tuck it in, or wear it loosely -- you can create a variety of outfits with these top 5 essentials pieces!

1. The Plain White Tee

The plain white tee is a must-have when building your wardrobe: its timeless, classic and can be worn with just about anything. Is there anything more versatile? Whether you layer your favorite white t-shirt under a sweater, with a blazer, tuck it into a skirt, or let it hang free with a pair of denim cutoff, one thing is for sure: nothing is more essential to a closet than a white tee.

White tees come in a variety of styles -- from the classic fitted crew to loosely fitted v-necks. What matters the most is how you style this classic staple -- as you can style your favorite classic white t-shirt in a variety of ways! The classic white t-shirt for woman can be worn virtually almost anywhere at any time. It's the one wardrobe staple that (I think) all women should definitely have in the wardrobe.

From left to right: NYFifth Apparel, GAP, Alternative
From left to right: NYFifth Apparel, GAP, Alternative

Quick Guide: Type of T-Shirts

Neck Shape
Types of Fit
Round Neck
Cap Sleeve
Short Sleeve
Scoop Neck
Long Sleeve
Types of T-Shirts

2. A Blazer

You can never go wrong with a blazer. Blazers can complete almost any look -- and can turn any casual look into a modern sophisticated-chic look. Need something to tie your office look together? Blazer. Need a great outerwear substitute when a coat is too heavy? Blazer. Need a nice jacket to throw over your favorite cocktail dress? A Blazer!

Blazers can be used to dress up your outfit or dress down! Pair it with your favorite white tee (as mentioned above) and your denim jeans for a relaxed chic look, or wear your favorite blazer over an oxford shirt for a preppy look.

The blazer is a wonderful staple -- invest in one great, lean tailored fitting and a classic look (none of those sparkling details) so that it can easily transition throughout the seasons.

From left to right: Banana Republic, J.Crew, Nordstrom
From left to right: Banana Republic, J.Crew, Nordstrom

3. The Breton Stripe Tee / A Striped Shirt

A Breton striped shirt is as necessary as the plain white tee, as it can go with just about almost anything. Whether worn by sailors, celebrities, fashionistas, or the modern girl -- the styling choices have evolved over time but the effect has remained the same.

Like the white tee, the Breton striped tee (or striped shirt) comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles.

Did you know? The striped shirt style was introduced in 1858 as a uniform for the French Navy and didn't possess any fashion cache until Coco Chanel took notice while on a trip to the French Coast. The iconic designer was inspired by the sailors' uniform that she incorporated the stripes into her 1917 nautical collection -- and from there, changed the face of casual women's wear.

From left to right: ASOS, J.Crew, Target
From left to right: ASOS, J.Crew, Target

4. The Classic Oxford Shirt

There’s nothing more classic and essential to every woman’s wardrobe than an oxford shirt. Oxford shirts can elevate a pair of trousers, a pencil skirt, or a suit. We may have borrowed this look from the boys, but it looks way more stylish on a feminine figure!

The classic oxford shirt, or button down shirt, is gaining traction in the fashion world. Most fashion bloggers and fashionista have been seen wearing this classic staple because it's extremely versatile when it comes to styling. It has the benefits of a blank slate and can be dressed down or dressed up; it can be knotted or tucked into your favorite pair of jeans; styled with a pair of sneakers or heels -- the combinations are endless!

My favorite way of wearing the classic oxford is just by itself with sleeves rolled-up, half tucked in ripped jeans paired with a simple necklace and watch.

From left to right: Ann Taylor, Old Navy, Uniqlo
From left to right: Ann Taylor, Old Navy, Uniqlo

5. A Little Black Dress

The little black dress (or the LBD) will always be in style. It's a rule of fashion that every woman should own a simple, elegant black dress that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Because it is meant to be a staple in the wardrobe for a number of years, the style of the LBD ideally should be as simple as possible.

The perfect LBD should be able to easily transition from Sunday brunch with friends to a night time black-tie event just by changing up how you style it with (eg. the accessories, make-up, hair).

From left to right: ASOS, LuLus, Forever 21
From left to right: ASOS, LuLus, Forever 21

These 5 staples are not only essential to every woman's wardrobe, but they're also considered timeless and classic -- which means that these piece will never of out of style. When choosing these 5 basics, it would be best to invest in these pieces as they will probably be in your wardrobe for a long time.

Since these 5 essentials are considered timeless, you can easily find these at almost any store all-year round.

Which Essential Would You Consider a "Must Have" in Every Woman's Wardrobe?

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