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5 Fashionably wearable tech accessories

Updated on September 27, 2013

There is a new sector in fashion and technology that work in symmetry very appropriately called, ‘Wearables’. Wearables are clothing that can help you navigate around, keep you in contact with the global community online, track your heart rate and have your significant other on the line by merely uttering a word. In the future, clothing and accessories will be built with technology included. Below are items that are paving the way for the development of Wearables.

Samsung Galaxy Gear

Samsung boasts that they have re-invented a century old device with this smart watch. Gear is the newest most spoken about smart watch. The Samsung Galaxy Gear has a 2megapixel camera, a pedometer and the ability to take up to 10 second videos. This watch can be used in conjunction with the smart phone or tablet where you can either speak on the device itself or forward the calls to your cellular device.

Remember that scene from The Wild Wild West where Gordon exercises Retinal Terminus theory to see the last image burnt into the back of a man’s eyeball?

Think of this as the modern day technological version with your head still attached to your shoulders. The Autographer is a clipable, wearable camera that takes snapshots throughout your day. It is compatible with all smart mobile devices and your computer. This device is often referred to as a “lifeblogging’ device and offers features such as GPS tagging to know where photos were taken and can take up to 2,000 photos in one day.

Their cause; fight against the smart phone. Their mission; to bring technology closer to your senses. The Google Glass is a wearable computer with an optical display which allows the user to connect in a faster way. It is an interesting paradox of Google to try to make a more human experience while we continue to connect to technology in a more biologically linked way. Available in a store near you by the end of 2013.

Embrace+ alerts wearers to smartphone notifications through a combination of visual and tactile cues. Keep your phone tucked away in your bag or desk drawer but stay alert with your Embrace band. You can set the Embrace band to light up green when you receive an email and blue when someone retweets you. The combination of colors and tactical clues like vibration will keep you updated with incoming communications, without you glancing at your phone every five minutes. The embrace offers magnetic charging and an alarm feature.

Fabrican is an aerosol applied fabric that can be washed and re-worn. This ingenious material is made up of short fibers and binding polymers in a liquid solvent that solidifies into instant nonwoven material when it comes in contact with the air. Initially designed for fashion, Fabrican is now thought to be a great way to wrap wounds because it is totally sterilized or to create a caste that is completely nonflammable. The uses of Fabrican continue to widen into furniture, automobiles, fashion, medicine and hygiene.


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