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5 Gorgeous Engagement Rings for Your Special Day

Updated on April 20, 2017

Are you waiting for your SO to pop the question or daydreaming about this day in the coming future? Whatever the case, here is an ultimate roundup of engagement rings for women in different shapes and styles to take your breath away. We are sure these are swoon-worthy, unique engagement rings that no one can say ‘NO’ to! Check them out:

Whether you are waiting for your significant other to pop the question or daydreaming about the future, below is your ultimate guide of engagement rings. Five of the top, unique swoon-worthy rings to take your breath away from the first moment you set sight on these and decades to come.

Halo Engagement Rings
Halo Engagement Rings | Source

Halo Rings

Halo rings made its debut way back in the 1920s during the Art Deco period. Fast forward to today, it is still a popular choice for brides-to-be and has been for years. It encircles the center diamond, for added brilliance. It has timeless details and boasts a wonderful sparkle thanks to its unique cut.

Halo is one of the most sought after engagement ring style and it’s easy to understand its mass appeal for any to be bride. The center diamond is encompassed by smaller accent diamonds for a visually larger eye-catching impact. It has timeless elegance and endless sparkle.

Marquise | Source


The famed marquise diamond is a variation of the round brilliant cut, with elongated ends that stretch into an oval shape. With 56 facets, the marquise is a slender, striking cut with tapering points on both ends, which flatters the finger. The marquise cut highlights the carat of the diamond, making it larger than it actually is. It also emphasizes the sparkle and brilliance of a perfect round brilliant cut.

The marquise diamond cut also known as navette, has had a roller-coaster of popularity in the engagement ring market. In recent years this shape has made a comeback in with celebrity fans. Once considered the cut for royalty this shape is still maintaining its regal status. The elongated diamond with tapered pointed ends has a slenderizing effect on fingers. Also, creates an illusion of the diamond being larger than it actually is. This unique shape gives an elegant yet bold appeal for a traditional or unconventional bride to be.

Rose Gold Ring
Rose Gold Ring | Source

Rose Gold

No jewelry trend has risen as quickly as rose gold has in recent times, making it a popular choice for to-be-brides. It has feminine pinkish undertones which lend the ensemble an elegant and understated touch. The beauty of this lustrous alloy is that it has the ability to evoke both a modern, yet vintage feel.

In recent years rose gold has appeared to overtake the main stream market, but there is no need to worry this trend will fade out anytime soon. Rose gold can be traced back to the 1800s. Mixing cooper in the gold a beautiful pink undertone is created lending a feminine and soft understated touch. This color will look stunning on any skin-tone and conveys a vintage appeal to the modern youthful bride to be.

The princess cut is often called a Square Modified Brilliant
The princess cut is often called a Square Modified Brilliant | Source

Princess Cut

The princess cut is often called a Square Modified Brilliant, as its faceting style is quite similar to a round brilliant, with kite and triangular-shaped facets radiating from the center. It combines the brilliance of a round cut with an overall square or rectangular appearance.

Princess cut diamonds have 49 to 78 facets, but they generally feature 78 for greater brilliance. This cut has a wonderful combination of brilliance and style.

Princess cut diamond one of the most popular diamond cuts on the market. Surprisingly, this square inverted pyramid shape is a relatively new cut. Because this cut contains extra facets more light can disperse and hide inclusions. Also, you get the same sparkle as a round brilliant but at a slightly cheaper price because it retains more of the rough diamond. Contemporary and traditional this stunning square cut will appeal to any bride to be.

Baguettes | Source


Baguette diamonds are called so due to its slender and long silhouette. Baguette diamonds are side diamonds that frame the center stone, lending the ring a vintage touch. It has a sharp geometric shape that offers a distinct diamond cut.

Traditionally, it has 14 facets, giving the diamond a high level of luster, but less brilliance than the more common round-brilliant cut. Emerald-cut diamonds typically have 50 to 58 facets.

Baguette diamonds a simple and elegant clean cut. The slender, long silhouette sets this diamond apart from the rest. Generally used as a side stone the geometric shape will lend a classic vintage look to any engagement ring. A baguette diamond should have 14 facets for a high level of luster. If the bride to be is inspired by the vintage look, the baguette is the perfect accent to make her shine above the rest.

Well there you have it, we hope you enjoyed our roundup of 5 beautiful engagement rings that can inspire and elevate your wedding game!

Whether you are inspired by traditional, modern, vintage or contemporary looks, these five beautiful engagement rings styles will turn heads and elevate your wedding game!


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