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5 Great Wrist Watches to Gift Your Woman

Updated on October 8, 2013

Titan Raga

Elegance personified, these modern yet pristine designs make them the right buy for the lady with class, poise and elegance. The best thing about Titan Raga designs is that they are intricate and yet understated. This range of watches will surely capture the imagination of that subtle, understated, elegant woman whom you consider to be the most precious in your life.

Titan Raga 9936sm01
Titan Raga 9936sm01 | Source

Timex Helix “ Weekend Chic “ Series

Timex Helix “Weekend Chic “ series – This series, as the description says, is designed to reflect the beauty and enigma of a woman. Inspired from the subtle to the adventurous, Timex Helix Weekend Chic series comes with a range of designs that will pep up the fun and intriguing persona of your lady. Perfect for a fun-filled evening wear, this series offers adventure wrapped in a classy appeal. Pick up one if your girlfriend is the kind of woman who loves surprise-rituals in your relationship!


Citizen Classic Analogue Watch Series

This series is for those who count on the timeless appeal of love. The look of each design from this series conveys an old-world charm of the sixties and sits on that wrist, enhancing the lissom beauty of your lady. Scratch resistant with a mineral-glass cover, corrosion and water resistant, the Analogue Watch Series from Citizen will set her free of many worries and calls for carefree handling.

Ep5994-59A Silver/White Citizen Analog Watch
Ep5994-59A Silver/White Citizen Analog Watch | Source

Purple from Titan

This pick is definitely not for the demure, good-girl-next-door. Purple from Titan is your best pick for the one who surprises you every day with her wit and charm! Designs that stand on the other side of unconventional, the Purple range is another series from Titan that is for women who love to break the rules, but with class. Eye-catching, Swarovsky crystal studded, individualistic in design, Purple is for your maverick partner - surprise the one who surprises you always with a piece from this bold and beautiful range.

Titan Purple
Titan Purple | Source

HMT Economy Range

Most will agree that the very perception of time for us in India came with HMT watches. It is the oldest brand manufacturing wrist-watches and some pieces from the yester-years have even become collectibles today. The “Economy” range, as the name suggests, is a value for money range that comes in solid metals that last a lifetime. Do not hesitate to pick up one for your lady if you think she values you for who you are. Prices range from Rs. 450 to a maximum of Rs. 650.

HMT Watches for Women
HMT Watches for Women | Source

Your Personal Online "Watch" Guide to Best Deals

Best deals
1. Titan Raga
1500 INR onwards
2. Timex Helix “ Weekend Chic “
1000 INR onwards
3. Citizen Classic Analogue Watch Series
1200 INR onwards
4. Purple from Titan
4000 INR onwards
5. HMT Economy range for women
450 INR onwards


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    • mr-veg profile image

      mr-veg 4 years ago from Colorado United States

      Nice collections, I recently gifted a Swatch watch to my wife and I could instantly see the delight on her face :)

    • Anamika S profile image

      Anamika S 4 years ago from Mumbai - Maharashtra, India

      These watches are classy!