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5 Popular Current 'Fad' Tattoo designs

Updated on May 11, 2011 flickr flickr

I don't know what made me think of choosing this topic for an article, I was considering a tattoo one because I have a few 'tats' myself and I searched existing writing on here, then it came to me one thing that annoys a lot of people is 'trend tattoos'. Somebody famous promotes a design, then it spreads like 'wildfire'(pun intended), regardless of whether it is a good design, these people are going to have it for the rest of there life and they could decide they don't like it, it could end up being meaningless, so why not choose one that's personal to you?

When researching through other hubs I didn't come across one which discussed gimmicky tattoo's so I think Ive stumbled upon a particular niche for writing here. I began thinking of designs I have seen which 'get on my nerves' and then when I was out last night at a nightclub I saw another one which i had forgotten to include. I was standing with my friend and talking to her brother about this topic I was writing about, when I saw the 'arm flame' design on a guy next to us, which perfectly described what I was trying to explain, as soon as I mentioned it to my mate, he flared up and said 'yeah I hate that one!'. I think it was the new metal band 'Limp Bizkit' who made this one popular, and numerous other bands, correct me if I'm wrong. My mate said another popular 'trendy' tattoo is the tribal band, I knew about this one but haven't included it because I think it is fairly widespread renowned to be a fad tattoo. flickr flickr flickr flickr flickr flickr

The 'Tramp Stamp'

This was the one major influence for writing this hub, I have seen it on so many girls, lots and lots, I won't mention how, but usually it's when they wear fitted jeans that reveal the base of their backs. I find it a turn-off because it is usually a tacky design like a tribal band, heart or 'tribal eyes' which is what one friend of mine had, I find it rather crude as well, you have to have a sexy butt to be showing off in the first place. The flickr page where I found these photos labelled it as the 'Tramp Stamp of shame' which I found rather humorous, I do believe I makes a woman appear lewd and an ex of mine's mother used to say it was her tramp stamp. They often appear to fade as well, I'm not sure whether this is due to attempts at removal or from repeated rubbing against a chair, although I have seen this many times and is illustrated in the latter photo. flickr flickr flickr flickr flickr flickr flickr flickr

Star or 'Emo' Tattoo's

Here we have a very popular design at present which came part in parcel with the music genre 'Emo' which is basically what the genre is about in my eyes, 'hairstyles and clothes'. People may respond to this article by saying 'but I like it', fair enough but I don't think it is original and I don't think a person is anymore special because of something they wear. I only got tattoo's on my arms because they were to do with people Ive lost and I designed one tattoo myself, this was a lion's face because my name is 'Richard aka the LionHeart'.

The arms and feet seem to be the most popular place for stars, hollow ones being the most commonly associated with the emo subculture. In one of the photos we can see that the guy has got one star along with the words 'Lifetime' which apparently is a band name, the writing is actually attractive but I was thinking 'yes you have a bright red star where everyone including employers can see it for 'a lifetime'.

The ones I find tacky here are ones on the woman's feet which are basically outlines which have turned a nasty green colour, noticed also the bright yellow toenail polish - eek! This may sound as though I am being really bitchy, I know some of my tattoos aren't perfect, I'm just trying to describe what they may appear like in other peoples eyes and the latter photo we can see some very bold stars which aren't even in proportion! flickr flickr flickr flickr flickr flickr

Japanese Koi Tattoo

Another design I have seen quite often and is popular amongst 'sleeve designs' is the Japanese Koi fish, which are very often mistaken for a large goldfish. However, the Koi Fish's official name is the Cyprinus carpio and belongs to the same family as the carp, they come in many colours including black, red, orange, white and blue. The Japanese people have a long history with Koi Fish and have cultivated rare species and bred them for 100's and thousands of years, the people of Japan believe they hold special powers of persistence and vitality. They are usually partnered with lotus flowers and crashing waves, although I like the design I believe it looks slightly odd on a persons body and is another example of western culture ripping off an elegant cultures tradition. flickr flickr flickr flickr flickr flickr

The Heart/Wings on the Chest

This particular design is probably quite old, however with the popularity of emo,punk and heavy metal over the last decade, not to mention 'suicide girls' which is a popular 'alternative' modeling website, this tattoo is becoming the latest 'must have'. Why do people want to have something a thousand other people have? for a quick fix of attention?

I'm am going to end the article with a couple of photos of another very popular tattoo girls seem to get, I'm not saying its the worst looking, and I'm just trying to identify why people would go for this? that being the 'Fairy', which my friend Melissa quoted when I asked her which ones she has seen loads of.

Fairy Tattoos flickr flickr flickr flickr


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