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5 Products to Boosts Your T-shirt Design Venture.

Updated on June 13, 2017

The digital front has opened up the world for business. It doesn't matter if you are in China, or in Nairobi, you can always market your business wares to the world. But the improved business terrain has also opened an avenue for a highly competitive business environment. Unless you have the tools to make the best products, you have a limited chance to succeed.

In this guide, learn on 5 tools you can use to boost your tshirt design venture.

1. A website

As you already know, a website acts as the interface between you and the world. Using your web property, you can showcase your products to potential clients, interact with admirers and basically air your passion to the world.

2. Adhesive tapes and gluegun

Usually consists of adhesive film and used to stick items together by application of a small amount of pressure.

3. Plotters

4. Bleach spray

5. Heat presses.


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