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5 Questions about Buttocks Liposuction

Updated on October 14, 2012

Kim Kardashian worries her behind is looking bigger

For women, getting the right contours is one of those that would define your shape better. This is the reason why aside from butt implants, liposuction of the buttocks is also as popular. For those who are well endowed on the back side, it can either be an asset like Kim Kardashian's, or it could very well be a baggage. So if you are considering getting it trimmed and shaped better, here are 5 questions that you would probably ask yourself as well.

Who are the right candidates for buttocks liposuction?

A good candidate for buttocks liposuction are those who are in their ideal body weight in relation to their height, those whose buttocks are have layers of fats that are not responsive to any amount of diet and exercise. There are also individuals who by genetics tend to pack on fats on the hips and the buttocks. If you are among these individuals and you are in generally good health, you are a good candidate for buttocks liposuction.

How is buttocks liposuction done?

The surgeon first assesses the area and how it can be improved. He then makes drawings and markings to see the areas that are to be targeted. The area will be numbed with an anesthetic solution, and once it has taken effect, the surgeon now creates very small incisions, small enough not to require sutures afterwards. The surgeon inserts the liposuction cannula that has a small gauge and pushes it back and forth to help dislodge the fats.

How does the gauge of the needle affect the results?

The gauge of the needle can help determine the extent of fat suctioning that is made. A large bore cannula will increase the suction power, but it has less control resulting in irregular results. The reason behind this is that there will be areas where more fat are suctioned off than others. So to control the number of fats suctioned off a microcannula would work best. It allows the surgeon to gain more control the increments of fats that will be removed. This can also help create a smoother contour.

Can a buttocks liposuction provide the same lift the same as a buttocks augmentation?

A buttocks liposuction can remove the fat content and it may even provide a certain lift, but it can only be seen to a certain degree and not as noticeable in younger individuals who have better skin elasticity. But for older men and women there can be some sagging that is why a surgical lift may sometimes be needed. But if you want to improve the tone and shape of your buttocks after the surgery, you can always perform spot exercises. Laser therapy and creams can also help improve the results.

What is the usual cost of buttocks liposuction in Australia?

The price of buttocks liposuction in Australia can be around $1500-$4000. The prices vary because of factors such as the extent of the procedure, the surgeon performing it, and the region where you had it done. Don’t be fooled by very cheap services that seems too good to be true, because chances are they could be. Botched procedures can be disastrous and it could end up permanently damaging your body instead.


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