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4 Things To Do Now To Grow Your Hair (Faster)

Updated on May 22, 2014

You Can Control Your Hair Growth

If you are wondering why your hair just stopped growing, then you will have joined a number of men and women who are “scratching their heads” wondering what’s going on with their hair! Hair growth simply remains one of the few things people think about but have really little understanding of the production method.

Unfortunately, we have been sold (and taken the “proverbial” kool-aid) that we do not have any control over the quality and the quantity of our hair growth. Nothing could be further from the truth. We actually do have quite a bit of control over the quality of our hair.

So whether you are interested in maintaining your great, youthful hair or you would like to get that hair growth back (along with the youthful luster and texture) – keep reading!

Avoid Heat Damage Is Key

Hair Growth Rule #1 Play Defensive

We really know how to ransack our hair. We use, reuse, abuse, and neglect it and then expect us to perform everyday – exactly how and when we want it to.

The truth is that for most of us, our hair can use a bit of a vacation from us! Our hair simply needs a break. But how do you do actually give your hair a break with your high-paced life and time schedule?

Here are a few hints:

Reduce the amount of heat applied to your hair weekly. If you blow dry your hair four times a week and use a heating iron about three times a week, then you have plenty to cut down.For starters cutting your heat application down by two-thirds for about two months, you see your hair bounce back. Your hair simply needs at least that amount of time to repair itself from the heat applications you give it regularly.

Why reduce heat? Heat is a powerful element and can destroy the hair cuticle (the hair scales that wrap tightly around the hair shaft). It also can destroy or damage hair follicles on the surface of the hair. In addition, it can destroy the “flora” of your hair. When you “dry out” any environment, you destroy the ecosystem. Your scalp has a complex ecosystem of its own. Doing this will create havoc with your sebaceous glands.This can cause extra oil and dandruff which can clog up pores and follicles!

Alpha Renew Hair Growth Vitamins
Alpha Renew Hair Growth Vitamins

#2 Eating The Right Foods

Everyone forgets just how important nutrients play in our bodies. We live in a time where food is so plenty that we don’t think about its importance in our lives (in terms of use for our essential body functions) than we did a mere generation ago. We simply eat when we are hungry and eat some more, and never think about what we eat as affecting our bodily functions, including our hair production and growth.

There is no question that we are fatter as a country - eating more cheese and dairy than ever, but It’s still amazing how to see a rise in osteoporosis and illnesses directly related to vitamin and mineral deficiencies! We eat a lot of highly processed foods, without the essential nutrients that come with it or get cooked away in the cooking process. In fact, most food processors have to inject vitamins and minerals into our foods, because they know the foods they make don’t have enough nutrients to sustain life!

Eating the right foods for hair growth is essential, but which kinds of foods? Well, let’s work from the bottom up. Our essential vitamins for hair production is often found residing where other vitamins (ie Vitamin K) are produced and also reside: the colon or intestinal tract. In order to have a healthy intestinal tract, you need to have a balance of “healthy” or “good” bacteria living in it. Biotin, which is essential for hair production, “hangs out” here in the colon and is dependent on healthy bacteria. So, this is extra critical to keep healthy.

#3 Supplementing Your Diet for Faster Hair Growth

Clearly, we don’t get enough nutrients in our body to sustain normal function. The result is that we often walk around with vitamin deficiencies. These vitamin deficiencies that we have manifest physically in a number of different ways: hair loss, hair shedding, dry skin, skin spots, yellowish eyes, yellowish finger nails, nails ridges.

We need to supplement our nutritional intake into our healthy diet. For example, Alpha Renew Hair Vitamins may help, which contain 833% biotin, MSM, Vitamin B complex, Vitamin A, and other herbal extracts for maximum absorption.

Hair growth is triggered by receptors in your hair follicle. Once your hair follicle determines that there is enough essential vitamins and minerals it goes into production. You keep feeding the right nutrients, your hair growth increases.

Great Hair Vitamins contain:

Biotin - (Otherwise known has Vitamin H) is critical to your hair growth. Your body uses this stuff not only to produce healty hair cells, nails, and skin - but to also help you break down the fat you eat, and rid your body of toxins. When you body is depleted of biotin it uses what it has to help you breathe, rid your body of toxins, and break down fat. Anything left over then goes into to skin, hair, and nails. This is why the first signs of vitamin defiencies can be see with splotchy skin and hair shedding.

MSM - Sulfar based your body needs this element. A good sulfur food to add to your diet is garlic.

Vitamin A, B Complex families - Vitamin A has taken a hit in the media (but which vitamin hasn't?) Vitamin A is critical for hair production and skin healthy. Vitamin B also plays a big part in the health of your skin and nails.

#4 Long Term Hair Care

Long term hair growth would include lifestyle changes. This includes diets, habits, and routines. All of these can affect the quality and quantity of our hair growth. Let’s consider all three of them with regards to hair growth now:

Long Term Healthy or Healthy Diet: If you eat highly processed foods, you will not get the nutrients you need for lasting hair growth. Highly processed foods, alcohol, or foods high in sugar can upset the balance you need.

Habits: Smoking and Drinking can be detrimental habits for healthy hair, skin, and nails. Smoking does a number or things that ruin your hair (See Article). Drinking can also cause your liver and your colon to be unable to absorb the nutrients you do take in. If you drink, you should consider taking or supplementing your diet with hair vitamins.

Stress and pollution: Stress, anxiety, pollution, and illness can weaken your immune system and your ability to produce healthy skin, hair, and nails. But how?These elements soak up all of your nutrients (vitamin and trace mineral compounds that you depend on). If you are stressed or anxious for a period of time, you will soon be depleted of these essential ingredients that make your hair grow – as well as power your immune system.

You Can Have Beautiful Hair? But What Do You Need To Do?

Kim Kardashian has beautiful hair. What does she use to maintain that healthy hair?
Kim Kardashian has beautiful hair. What does she use to maintain that healthy hair?

Great Hair Always Looks Great Naturally

Three Important Food Categories for Healthy Hair

Important Food #1: Yogurt (With Live Cultures) – Yogurt with live cultures help to maintain a healthy digestive system as well as help maintain your body’s ability to absorb nutrients. It also relieves or assists with digestive ailments.

BigTip: When you are on medication (specifically antibiotics, acne medication), this may completely wipe out the healthy bacteria you need. Antibotics where made to kill off - and it doesn't care if they are good or bad bacteria! So, be sure to increase your intake of fresh yogurt if you are on medication to help replenish your system.

Important Food #2: Salmon or Omega 3. Omega 3 are important for healing skin tissue and supporting the health of your sebaceous glands. It is also an anti-inflammatory, which can help you if you smoke, use the blow dryer or curling iron a lot.

Important Food #3: Kale or Spinach. These leafy vegetables help your body obtain the minerals it needs, such as calcium and zinc. In addition, it provides great vitamins such as Vitamin C.

What to Avoid:

  • Alcohol can hamper your ability to absorb nutrients, which is critical to hair growth. It can also upset your level of bacteria in your colon (This is due to the yeast).
  • Smoking: Smoking uses up a lot of our nutrients. Our body, in a race to get rid of toxins inhaled, uses biotin, vitamin C, and Vitamin Bs to help rid your body of toxins.
  • High Fructose/Sugars: Just like alcohol or antibiotics a high level of sugars in your body can upset the balance of health and unhealthy bacteria in your colon. Without the friendly bacteria in your colon, your body will not be able to sustain hair growth.

What Kind of Hair Problems Do You Suffer With? Answer the Poll!

What Is Your Greatest Hair Problem or Annoyance?

See results

Hair Tutorial For Teasing Your Hair


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Good hub.

      I wish my hair would grow faster already. I am even 22 weeks pregnant and they say your hair is supposed to grow quickly in these nine months. Heck no!

    • LadyFiddler profile image

      Joanna Chandler 

      6 years ago from On Planet Earth

      very interesting hub :)

      Thanks for sharing!!!


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