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5 Things You Must Know About Modern Hair Removal Methods

Updated on April 5, 2014
Hair removing treatment
Hair removing treatment

1. Hair Removal Treatment Systems

In general, removing of hair in the modern ways is done by using a beam of light. Gel is spread on the affected area (like in ultrasound treatment) and then the therapist moves the laser machine over the area.

The device generates pulses that substance-seeking the pigment that gives color to the skin and which is in high concentration in the hair itself. It heats the pigment that presented in the hair to the root causing damage to the hair root itself, then the hair falls.

Removing of hair for woman procedure
Removing of hair for woman procedure

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IPL removal machine
IPL removal machine

2. Laser Hair Removing Devices Work Method

Classic hair laser removal device has a wavelength of 800-810 nm. Due to its focus of the laser beam at this wavelength, the center of all the energy itself is focused on the hair pointed by the laser signals.

There are other types of devices such as devices based on IPL (IPL - Intense Pulsed Light) that release scattered energy with different wavelengths where only some of wavelength are 800 nm.

You should know, the IPL laser removal treatment considered to known as one of the more advances and effective these days, none of those devices release dangerous radiation and do not harm other areas of the body except the hair.

Laser hair removal for man
Laser hair removal for man

3. Operating Hair Removal Devices

Laser removal device is a medical device and therefore the laser operator is required to be a doctor or authorized medical crew. So, you should seek for the relevant certificates in the medical clinics you come to do your treatment there.

However it's not mandatory option these days. With our modern age, there is the home IPL hair removal device for personal use, which is a cosmetic device and therefore do not require a doctor for treatment so you can personally purchase one and use it at home.

4. Costs of The Hair Removal Machines

Cost of laser hair removing machine is about one hundred thousand dollars, compared to the cost IPL hair removal device that is about 20 thousand dollars. Cost for each devices "handleā€¯ is about 13 thousand dollars. The reason that there is a big difference in cost between the lasers and the IPL devices, is because laser devices is constructed by different, more expensive and complex technology which required to create the wavelength of 800 nm.

5. There Is No Fixed Price for Removing Hair with Laser Treatments

Laser hair treatment prices vary drastically depending on several factors:

A) The institute - Different Institutes offers a different price range. In addition, each institute offers various discounts and promotions.Therefore, it is recommended to do comparison among various places before making the decision to go to one of them. You can check out the best deals on the facilities official websites.

B) Size of the hair removal area - there are different prices for different areas of the body. Price is affected by, among other things, with the size of the area (as the area is larger than longer treatment time required with the IPL hair removing device and therefore the price goes up).

C) Number of needed treatments - the number of treatments is determined by the selected area at the recommendation of caregivers as the number of laser treatments to remove hair which increased the cost.

Hair removal, possible with personal home devices
Hair removal, possible with personal home devices

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