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Why Your Purse Needs A Tactical Flashlight

Updated on September 21, 2015

This flashlight will be your best friend.

First, let's go over the obvious use of a flashlight - light. Tactical flashlights are going to light up whatever you can't see. Maybe you're thinking, "A flashlight? Why would I bother carrying it when I have a flashlight on my phone?" There are a lot of reasons, which I will get to in a moment, but first thing's first: Yes, your phone does have flashlight (if you have installed the app) - but what happens if you lose your phone? A flashlight is a perfect backup when you are looking for your phone or your keys that you dropped inside your car - or even on the walk home. (Yes, I know personally how much it sucks not having one when this happens.)

Another factor to weigh in would be the brightness of your phones flashlight versus a tactical flashlight. How much brightness, you ask? An iPhone 5 and the iPhone 6 flashlight/torch applications emit roughly 40 - 50 lumens - a good quality tactical flashlight has 500 lumens. This amount can increase even higher, but that does tie into pricing, so I chose one mid-range.

Why does this matter? This leads to the second, and most, important reason your purse needs a tactical flashlight - safety. This flashlight is your perfect defense that you can have with you at all times. Yes - all times. It isn't a knife, it isn't a gun. It is perfectly legal to carry one of these on you.

Now, back to the brightness. Your first defense with a tactical flashlight is blinding your attacker. Let's put this into a scenario: You're walking home from work and there is a person following you. You are frightened and still have a few blocks to go. You are alone and the person is coming quickly towards you; you're scared. Reaching into your purse, you grab your tactical flashlight (which will be easy to find due to its weight and shape), turn around and flash that bad boy at your potential attacker.

When it's dark out, you are not expecting to be blinded by 500 lumens. This sudden distraction will allow you to run away or get to safety. If a person cannot see, they can't harm you very well can they?

(Keep in mind, if you're out in the wilderness, this technique can also be use on wildlife to disorientate them)

This is an awesome defense to use! It does not require you to physically harm a person. You do not need to reach in your bag and fumble with pepper spray or a knife. The beautiful thing with a tactical flashlight is distance. You do not need to be within close proximity to your attacker - you can shine this from a safe distance and still be able to have it affect the individual. Disorientation will likely occur to a person after such a bright light is suddenly shined at their face.

Take advantage of this. Run away. Run to a close store or go quickly down a different street. The person that was following you will be trying to see and figure out their sense of direction.

If, by chance that does not work, then you have the second wonderful protection that a tactical flashlight offers - it's weight and design. When the person you are in danger from is very close to you, flash your light (which will almost surely cause the person to raise their hands), and quickly jab your flashlight at the persons face. These flashlights are durable and some have designed bezels (the edges of the flashlight) specifically for this purpose.

The face is a good place to aim for since you will already be aiming for it with the beam of your light. When you are in a dangerous situation such as that, you want to spend as little time thinking and as much time getting away. It's easy to jab your flashlight at their face since you will be focused on that area anyway. This makes for a quick defense - you don't want to spend time hitting the person, you just want to get away.

Here's a video demonstrating the use of one.

Let's talk about product. This is not going to be a $3.99 investment - and it shouldn't be. When you are considering your safety, I personally think investing in a high quality defense is perfectly reasonable. Now, I found one listed for $59.99. (The Surefire G2 Nitrolon, in case you're curious). In my opinion, it really is not worth it if you are seeking self defense from it. It is quite small - but most importantly, it only has 65 lumens! Remember the iPhone? That ranged from about 40 - 50. It also is an incandescent light - it is recommended to go with an LED flashlight for self defense. Considering that, it really doesn't seem ideal to go for.

Tactical flashlights can go from that $59.99 all the way up into the thousands - so where is some good middle ground? I found one for $265 that I think would be a really awesome purchase. This flashlight is the Surefire E2D LED Defender Ultra. It has 500 lumens, so it will definitely be bright enough. It is an LED flashlight. It is the perfect size, I think, for a purse. You don't want to lug around a super heavyflashlight in your purse - or a super big one. It's 5 inches long and weighs (with batteries) about 4 ounces. The awesome thing about it, which the G2 Nitrolon lacks, is its bezel. It's designed with grooves that will allow for a more damaging blow.

The Surefire E2D LED Defender Ultra


A tactical flashlight is definitely on my wishlist this year! I may have to just splurge and get one before my Birthday because I'm dying to get my hands on one. Just knowing it's in my purse would already bring me a lot more peace of mind when I'm out and about. As I was saying, I know that spending over $200 on a flashlight might seem expensive - but this flashlight you're buying is for your safety. Safety, to me, is pretty priceless. Also, I'm sure I would use the hell out of one! Hopefully never for a dangerous situation (but it would be there if need be!), but for going out of town and going for walks at night. Camping - this would be great for! No more creepy walks to the outhouse with my tiny little flashlight. I tend to lose things a lot, so it would be perfect in a dark car or the grass outside your place at night.

What do you think about tactical flashlights? Share your opinions with me!

What's your view on a tactical flashlight for your purse?

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