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5 Tips For Perfect Hair

Updated on July 28, 2016

Watching Disney’s Rapunzel makes every woman dream of having beautiful and mesmerizing hair. Our eyes consistently wander back to her thick, shiny and bouncy hair that served as a climbing cord for the prince. Even though it’s impossible for our tresses to serve that purpose, we all want hair that’s healthy, soft and gorgeous at the same time. Knowing how to manage your hair is a plus, so here are 5 tips on how to have perfect hair.

Don’t over wash your hair

Washing your hair frequently is an old shampoo marketing trick created to make you use your shampoo up faster. Excessive shampooing removes all the natural oils from your hair as efficiently as paint thinners. Squeaky clean hair is the same as super-dry hair. Over-washed hair doesn’t give you that feeling of having fabulous looking hair, and feels weird when you run your fingers through it; the texture is dry, coarse, and brittle-like.

Good diet for healthy hair

Nutrient rich shampoos and conditioners can help give you healthier hair, but the secret to strong and perfect strands doesn’t end with expensive shampoos or salon treatments; it is also about your diet. Eating a broad range of healthy foods will provide you with the healthy hair that you've always wanted.

Just as undernourished, neglected hair can wither and fall off, well-nourished follicles will grow faster. For the average person who eats a normal diet, hair growth is pegged at 1/2 inch per month. But for people who make sure they take loads of vital nutrients their hair growth rate can be double the average rate.

Your hair growth is a sign of a healthy diet, so throw out the fast food and turn to dark leafy greens, avocados, raw coconut oil, horsetail herbal tea and all other healthy meals. Remember, your hair is a reflection of what you eat!

Learn to control the frizz

If your hair is always looking frizzy and fried, then you have a bad case of the frizz. Hair is complex because it is made up of thousands of cells, and when you run a brush through your hair, you could create a frizz, and this can cause a bad hair day; depending on the health of your hair and how hard you brush.

Healthy hair is easy to style, brush and tame. But if the health of your hair is in that gray area between good and bad health, you should try some of the below options:

  • A silicon serum before styling
  • Add hair spray to your comb before using it
  • Make combing easier by using a detangler
  • Apply a shine spray to tackle fly-away
  • Use a protein rich conditioner
  • Only use mild shampoos with a moisturizing component
  • Throw away products with alcohol
  • Use carbonated water to rinse as this will help balance the pH value of your hair

Avoid hot curling irons and chemical treatments

Hair styling equipment like hot curling irons and chemical treatments have the ability to damage your hair. Styling irons and hair dryers apply high levels of heat straight to the cuticle of the hair, and this can be destructive. Chemical based treatments like relaxers, perms, or coloring can cause breakage that eventually destroys the hair shaft.

When your hair is healthy, it will withstand most of these hair styling tools. However, even healthy hair can become damaged overtime with continuous use of these types of products.

Get a natural shine

Even though we want stronger, manageable and fast growing hair, we all want to see our hair with that natural glow that makes hair models look perfect.

To bring out your highlights without spending a lot of money make use of an astringent rinse. Let this be the last thing you do after washing your hair. For light-colored hair, use some lemon juice mixed with warm water. For darker hair, white vinegar and warm water will do the job.


Even though we all wish for perfect hair, there is one simple truth about hair care: Nobody falls out of bed in the morning with perfect hair! Celebrities look gorgeous because a team of hair and makeup experts spends hours working on them before they step in front of a camera. We can all manage without a team of stylists, but having someone else style your hair once in a while makes a big difference. Getting perfect hair means spending the extra money and investing some time to care for your tresses.


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