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5 Tips to Help you Wear Your High Heel Shoes Without Hurting Your Ankle

Updated on September 12, 2016

Some well needed advises about high heel shoes wearing

It’s an undeniable fact that we all like to wear high heel shoes, but it’s also very common to find a woman who can’t walk correctly in her high heels.

Not being able to walk the right way in your high heel shoes may be able to cause you some health problems. But if you follow the following 5 tips I’m going to share with you bellow you shouldn’t have any issue with your shoes.

1- Start as low as possible

If you’re in a beginner stage it’ll be in your best interest to start off with some designer high heel shoes that aren’t too high. The higher they are the more difficult it is to walk correctly in them.

Therefore you shouldn’t look for the highest heels as a beginner. I know you’d want to be able to start off by wearing any height, but unfortunately starting with the higher heel ones can hurt your ankles or your feet.

Luckily, you should be able to wear any height of heels you’d like to in no time as long as you practice regularly. It’s not a difficult task to manage to get done, but you’ll definitely have to practice.

2- Wear them on flat surfaces

Oftentimes we have to walk either from a parking lot or from anywhere else to get to our final destination. The walking paths are sometimes not ideal for someone who’s wearing high heel shoes.

If you find yourself in a situation as such, the right thing to do is to wear something flat until you get to a more comfortable sidewalk. If you’re going to your office you can hold on to your high heel shoes until you get there. That’ll save you from being in pain.

3- Stretch regularly

Doctor Surve, a co-director in the Texas Center for Performing Arts Health. She’s also an associate professor at the University of North Texas Health Science Center Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine. This Doctor gives so much of importance to stretching in order to alleviate pains that are associated with wearing high heeled shoes.

Dr. Surve states that regular stretching of the plantar and the calves will enable the hamstring muscles to loosen up, which in turn will alleviate back pain from your high heels. She recommends that you stretch them prior to wearing your high heel shoes as well as after wearing them.

4- Don’t take long steps

Walking in high heel shoes is different from the way you'd normally walk. In fact, most of you will notice that your stride is shorten a bit. However, don’t take longer steps because you feel the need for that. Instead, you’ll have to try to walk slower while you’re taking shorter steps. The higher are your heels the shorter your stride will get, and the shorter is your stride the more you'll feel the need for longer steps.

Additionally, you’ll definitely have to try not to bend your knees as you’re walking. The heels will force you to do so, but with practice you’ll overcome that. A good posture is always in your advantage.

5- Don’t walk from toe to heel

Many women are accustomed to walk from toe to heel. If you’re one of them you may want to practice walking from heel to toe instead. The aim is to place the force on your heel first before shifting it toward your toes.

Toe to heel walking requires much more energy than heel to toe. Wearing high heels and walking toe to heel would cause you to put too much weight on your toe and could potentially be hurtful to your feet.

It’s a technique used by athletes to strengthen their feet muscles. Athletes such as runners, American football players, and soccer players often utilize this technique.


High heel shoes are worn by so many women worldwide. Most of them don’t really know how to wear them correctly, causing them to hurt themselves as a result.

But it’s a part of fashion trend that’ll never stop existing, which is why I’ve come to share these tips with you so that you can be more knowledgeable on how to wear your high heels and not hurting yourself.

Following these advises could only help you to have some better experiences with your high heels and to feel more comfortable in them


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