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5 Tips to Hustling the Price When Buying at a Cosmetic Store or Stand

Updated on December 26, 2018
Yuval Barak profile image

I am a trained paramedic with a B.Sc. in emergency medicine acquired at Ben-Gurion University.

Are you familiar with these stores and stands usually located in touristic spots and airports with people standing at the front, trying to lure you in with a gift, a free demonstration or anything that sounds like you have no reason to refuse? I was working as a salesman for one of those stores in Barcelona, where just a few days were enough to understand that the way they think about their customers as a walking wallet to the point that they don’t care hurting them makes it the wrong place for me, but that’s a different story and of course, not all of them are like that. But anyway, as part of that experience I’ve learned a little bit about their approach and even if the products are good, I see no reason for you to pay double or triple than what you should. Here are a few tips to help you negotiate the price and leave the place with the products you need and remain with a smile and some money in your pockets.


So you walk in, it's all beautiful and shiny, the demonstration was fun and the product feels good (don’t even think about buying something that doesn’t). Now they tell you the so called normal price and the price today that is especially for you, for a holiday today, the upcoming Christmas, or the owner’s dog’s birthday. The important thing is that you buy now because they know that when you say you will think about it and come back later you probably don’t mean that. Don’t feel bad, everybody does it.

Take What You Need

Think what you really need and will use. Don’t let them stuff you with more and more products you don’t need for a good price. Same as you won’t go to the supermarket and buy food you know you hate because it was no sale just so it can end up in the trashcan, don’t buy products you won’t use just because someone says it’s a good price.

Don't Let Them Lead

You Control The Situation

The Pricelist is a Lie

The price on the list is at least twice the minimum price. The whole point of the pricelist is that when they tell you a different price it will make you feel lucky you came right now when there’s a so called special offer and get the urge to buy the products right away. After all, there are no refunds in those stores so if you buy now and change your mind in five minutes it will already be too late. If you check your receipt, in many places it doesn’t even mention a product and it’s price, just a list of products and the total price you paid for them. This way, in case you come back only for one product out of a list, they can make up any price they want and maybe stuff you with something more, but they will never just give you the lowest price for the item you came for

There's Always a Better Price


Find Out The Real Price

Calculate the special offer. Whatever they offer you as the special occasion of exactly today, calculate to make a price tag on every item individually. For example, a body salt or body butter by the price list is sold for 80$. Now, you got a special offer to get one of them for 55$ or three for 120$. This means you can get one for 40$. You can probably also get it for 30$. Now, do you need three of them?

Get the Cheapest Price

Keep saying it’s too expensive for you. After you made it clear you’re not going to buy anything you don’t need and you both know exactly what it is you’re interested in, all you have to do is get the best price you can. You already know you can get it for 40$, but let’s see if you can get it for 30$. Say it’s too expensive and ask if there’s anything more they can do for you until they say “you know what? Let me check something for you”. At this point they will probably go whisper something to a colleague or stare at the computer for a couple of minutes and will come back with the a different price.

Don't Give Up

One more Try. They came back from the computer or director with a smile and a price just for you! J 35! Not so fast. They can go lower. Say, and mean it, that if you can get it for 30$ you will take it now and if not, it’s okay; you will think about it and might come back later. Don’t let them have it any other way. If they set you off with that 35$ you can always come back later and ask for it for the same price of 35$.

Show Them They Can't Fool You


Make Your Own Decision

Feel free to come back later. If that person is there or not when you come back and the salary system of the company is not your problem. If you’re not sure you want to buy the products don’t buy them! Don’t let them guilt you into buying something you don’t want to, you will leave with a bad feeling and they will forget you the second their next customer walks in.

Prices here are just an example and the amount of products is basically irrelevant, the method remains the same for any kind of product or treatment you’re looking to purchase, you can always go at least as low as half of the price on the list.

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