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5 Tips to Make Your Fine, Thin Hair Look Fuller and Thicker

Updated on November 28, 2010

If you're one of the many women around the world who was not born with naturally thick, luscious locks, well - I can sympathize with you because even though I once had lots of beautiful hair (it has always been fine), it now looks and feels like spaghetti growing out of my head.

In other words, I have fine, thin hair but fortunately I've discovered a few ways to make it look pretty good regardless. By following the following tips, I can indeed have days where I'm quite happy with my hair and don't even notice how thin and fine it is.

Unless you're grossly nutritional deficient or otherwise have medical issues, your fine and thin hair is likely caused by the genes you inherited. That means that there's probably not much you can do to change your situation but by following these tips, you can definitely make the most of what you have and isn't that what life is all about? 

Victoria Beckham has fine, thin hair. You've probably seen her classic bob style that is recommend for those with this kind of hair.
Victoria Beckham has fine, thin hair. You've probably seen her classic bob style that is recommend for those with this kind of hair.

1. Keep it short

Yes, keep it short but not TOO short. If you don't have a lot of hair to go around, by cutting your hair ultra short, you will find that there is not enough length to cover your head and your scalp will show throw as a result which is of course not what anyone strives for.

I'm suggesting here that you keep your hair above your shoulders because if it's longer than that, you will find that your hair just drags and looks stringy.

Another thing I've found is that while your hairdresser might try to convince you that you should get lots of layers, that too many layers on a woman with fine and thin hair actually end up looking choppy and don't blend well. A few layers are good but make sure to remind your hairdresser to blend them in really well because mistakes are a lot harder to hide on us ladies than on one with thicker and fuller hair.

You'll have to experiment when it comes to the hairstyle that works best for you. My hair currently sits above my shoulders, I have a few layers and no bangs. It's simple but works for me and I can make it look good.

2. Don't wash everyday

I admit, I do wash my hair nearly everyday because it just looks flat and greasy if I don't. However, I've noticed that when I miss a day or two of shampooing my hair that when I get to washing it again, it seems to look fuller. Now this might just be because it looked so bad the previous day or two that it now looks good by comparison. However, I think it's that when my hair has a chance to bask in its own oils and grease, that it has a chance to condition itself. Somehow it just looks healthier and more full of volume when I wash after a day or two break.

If you're going to not wash your hair for a few days and your hair is thin, you likely also have a problem with grease. Therefore, do not try this when you have to be somewhere that requires you to look good. Or you could just wear a hat on these days off!

3. Use Big Velcro Rollers

These have been a God send to me! I don't often use them because I honestly don't care if my hair looks flat on a typical day of work or not but when I really want to look good, I'll pop a few of them in.

To use these, wash your hair and dry it to the point where it is about 90% dry. Wrap big velcro rollers around small sections of your hair and roll them up to the roots. If you want volume (and you do!), make sure that you're really wrapping the rollers up to your roots so that the top part of your hair is really lifted off your hair and not stuck fast to it with the rollers just dangling from the ends. Then apply a volumizing spray and dry your hair with a hair dryer, making sure it's fully dry before gently taking the rollers out. If you can get away with it, just gently shake your hair out with your fingers. However, I find that I'll usually have to run the hair brush through my hair ONCE (any more than that and you're ruining your 'do). Voila! Instant body and just a very slight curl. Now add some hair spray if you so desire.

Make sure that you use BIG velcro rollers, otherwise you will just be getting curly hair - but if that's what you're after, that's okay too. I find it doesn't look right on me though.

4. Use the right shampoo and conditioner

Using a shampoo and conditioner designed specifically for fine and thin hair like you have can make a difference. There are tons of products out there these days - try a few and see what works for you.

What I recommend is a product called Nioxin. I have used their shampoo and conditioner designed for thin hair and I can honestly say that it made my hair feel and look thicker. It's a bit on the pricey side which is why I don't buy it all the time but you can sometimes find good deals. When I've seen it on sale before, I've stocked up. You can also buy it online which will save you money. Check out the reviews on Amazon - a lot of people rave about this stuff.

5. Color your hair

I find that when I color my hair, that it adds another layer to it, making it fuller and shinier. I love getting this done at a salon but it's expensive so I'll often do it at home. I find that most drug store brands work just fine - the key is to make sure you apply the dye really evenly, which can be tricky.

If you're concerned with your scalp showing through, you'll probably find that lighter hair colors can help you. Black or dark browns, for example, are probably a big contrast to the color of your scalp and you may want to avoid these colors unless you have enough hair that you don't have to worry about your scalp showing through.


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    • Anne Harrison profile image

      Anne Harrison 2 years ago from Australia

      I agree about the colouring - many people say it flattens the hair, but I found the right colour (and cut!) add volume.

      Thanks for the hub, Anne

    • comet69 profile image

      comet69 6 years ago

      I can totally sympathize! My hair was so thin I thought it was gross, but I did go ultra short. I wouldn't have if I had pretty hair, but now am embracing extremly short hair. I'm going to keep it like this after 48 years long. I got 3 cartilegde piercings too, now that my ears show! Rocking short & gray! :) Do it up right!

    • suejanet profile image

      suejanet 7 years ago

      Really good information. I am going to try the Nioxon shampoo for my fine, this hair. I need all the help I can get.

    • Placid profile image

      Placid 7 years ago

      Useful info, completely agree with not washing your hair everyday, though it doesn't effect me to much.

    • Monika Rumin profile image

      Monika Rumin 7 years ago from Croatia

      Great hub, thanks for tips :)

    • PurpleOne profile image

      PurpleOne 7 years ago from Canada

      Hi acaetnna, thanks for the tip about dry shampoo. It's something I've heard of but haven't tried myself yet. You've made me curious!

    • acaetnna profile image

      acaetnna 7 years ago from Guildford

      Useful hub. I agree especially with number 2, I like to wash my hair everyday otherwise I can't get it right. I have just discovered dry shampoo though and that works brilliantly and even by using that my hair seems thicker.

    • profile image

      Mimi 7 years ago

      great hub :)