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5 Ways To Use Papaw Ointment

Updated on August 3, 2017

We’ve all used Papaw Ointment to some degree.

The stuff is great for cuts and minor injuries. It is ideal for parents looking for an alternative way of curing their baby’s nappy rash.

What do I use it for? I use it for banishing dry lips. I even use it to heal the skin around my fingers. I have never seen an ointment that works so fast! It’s like all my injuries vanish in an hour.

Getting a little ahead of myself here. I have gathered five ways to use Papaw Ointment.


1. Manicure

Do you have trouble keeping your cuticles under control? Take a little bit of Papaw ointment and massage into your nail beds. By doing this, the cuticles will become soft and become pushed back into place.


2. Lip Care

Most people use Papaw ointment as a lip balm. It is petroleum jelly free. The ointment will sink into your lips, leaving them soft.


3. Eczema

Do you have eczema or know someone that might suffer from it? Papaw ointment is your new best friend to reduce the itch. There is little need for other forms of creams and medication.


4. Cuts and Other Wounds

Papaw ointment is ideal for the healing of cuts. It is also ideal for bites from almost any type of insect bite. What was surprising to me was that if the wounds are open, the papaw ointment seals it up rather quickly.


5. Eyeshadow Primer

Any woman who uses eyeshadow would have gone out and bought a jar of eyeshadow primer. Well, there’s no need to throw away cash that you don’t have. Just use Papaw ointment. It’s cheap and does exactly the same thing as a regular eyeshadow primer would.


Papaw Ointment is great for everyday use. It is portable and is the perfect aid for those minor skin or makeup emergencies.

© 2017 Cassandra Hawkings


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