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5 Steps to Achieving a Gorgeous Version of You

Updated on January 1, 2018
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Hi, I am a digital marketer, content creator, fitness enthusiast and blogger from Manila, Philippines.

Achieving a more gorgeous version of you is not the stuff dealt with only it movies. It can become a reality for you if you just take the time to incorporate certain habits into your life.

You don't need a magic mirror or surgery to become more attractive and more confident. Just learn to do these habits and you are on your way to becoming the best and more attractive version of you!

1. Take care of your skin

A youthful and dewy looking skin is like a fountain of youth. Many would love to have it. Having great-looking skin is one step closer to achieving a more gorgeous version of you.

A healthy and vibrant looking is only possible with proper skincare and diet. Many associate skin health as an indicator of one’s health overall condition therefore, it is best to take extra care of your skin particularly in the facial area.

Good hygienic practices, genes and eating healthy can all contribute to have more than admirable clear and soft skin that everyone wants to touch and caress.

If you are not blessed with good genes, just regularly keep your skin clean and oil-free can go a long way. Make sure to have clean skin by washing, moisturizing and toning them.

Take off makeup every end of the day. Sleep eight hours or more each night, drinks lots of water, eat a healthy diet and try to use face masks to help get a clear complexion.

In reality, it is hard to have perfect skin every day, a little bit of coverage via creams and foundation can help even out skin tone. Always remember though that less is more when it comes to makeup, hence, never overdo coverage by piling on more foundation and concealer.

Just put in enough to cover tiny imperfections and achieve that even and dewy look easily.

If your skin is on the oily side, take time to blot the excess oil with blotting paper every 2 hours or so. It is also advisable to purchase oil-free skin products including those that provide oil-free coverage to the face for longer periods.

You beauty counters in beauty stores has a wide array of these products to provide you with that flawless look.

With these skin care habits, healthy diet and exercise, that glowing skin that makes you look more attractive will be achieved in no time.

Remember that the less product you pile on your skin, the better. Nevertheless, if you cannot have that natural flawless look as of yet, a little skin product will not hurt.

2. Always smell clean and nice

Smelling great is another factor to being a more attractive person. This can be achieved by being hygienic. You may opt to wear a spritz of your signature scent.

Either way, practicing good hygiene is very crucial to smelling clean. No one can resist a person who looks and smell clean.

If you love using fragrances, try choosing something that blends well with your own chemistry. For those who do not prefer perfume, you can still smell naturally fresh by using soaps, lotions and body oils that complement each other without overbearing the senses.

It is possible to have a long-lasting scent all day long if you learn how to layer scents through the products you use. If you love a hint of lavender in how you smell, start using bath products with that oil, then layer with body lotion or oil with lavender. This is one way to smell good even if you avoid perfumes.

3. Carry yourself like royalty

You can never go wrong with poise and elegance. Poise has to do with an inner grace and deportment. That means shoulder back, shoulders straight and head held high without being stiff and overbearing.

Elegance does not mean sporting the latest fashion wear straight from the pages of a fashion magazine. Nor does it mean strutting the most expensive purse you can splurge on.

Elegance is so much more than that. Both poise and elegance can be learned, cultivated and practice. One person comes to mind when you think about the embodiment of poise and elegance -- Princess Grace Kelly.

One can be elegant even if you wear simple and classic styles of clothing as long as it fits you and it is appropriate to the situation. The right clothing and accessories can make any person stand out without much effort.

Make it a point to dress properly according to your body type and without unnecessarily showing much skin. Learn the basics on colors and wear those that compliment your skin tone – warm tones and cool tones have their own colors that will make you look fabulous when worn selectively.

Find out your skin tone and you will discover why some colors really look good on you while other seem to drain you of color and make you look less stellar.

This also means accessorizing according to your personality and mood. Don’t over-accessorize. There is an art to wearing accessories and jewelry.

Always keep in mind that wearing fabulous jewelry can be better if you know how to make a center point that will serve as your main piece that will draw the eye to that particular area of your body.

If you want to emphasize your beautiful neck, then wear a fabulous necklace, draw attention and all other areas should be kept to minimum. Your earrings should be simple and not draw the attention away from your fab neckpiece.

On some days you might have a fabulous earring, then highlight it, don’t wear a necklace or ear something in your neck that will not steal the spotlight from your earrings. Follow these simple rules in accessorizing and you will go wrong.

4. Exude confidence without being overbearing

Always carry yourself with confidence. Recognize that you are a beautiful person worthy of someone’s time and respect. You have talents, skills and goodness that you are worthy of.

Exuding confidence in your dealings with people around you gives you that extra, and people can sense that. It is a strength that you must not be afraid to show.

Remember that confidence is not arrogance, they are entirely two different things. Confident people are seen are more sociable and intelligence, hence more attractive. Being self-confident is a major boost to becoming a gorgeous version of yourself.

5. Smile

A smile goes a long way when you deal with people everywhere. You will never know how a smile can lift someone’s heart today, so don’t scrimp on it. Smile generously. Be it to someone who greets you, the doorman, the sweeper, anyone that you come across, a smile won’t hurt.

A study in Switzerland concluded that the more a person smiles, the more attractive he or she looks. Smile more often, it will make you appear more attractive and beautiful. Besides, happiness is one of the emotions that attract people. It shows that you are a person that is positive, likeable and easy to get along with.

Be courteous and polite to everyone you meet

Treat everyone you meet or come across with courteousness and you will be rewarded with the same. Being polite is not an expensive hobby unfortunately, fewer people are practicing it these days. It will not hurt to treat people nicely. Being courteous and polite shows that you are a person who respects yourself and others, who has character and is a generally pleasing to be with - all traits that will make you more attractive.

You may start by appreciating the little things that people do to you and say 'Thank you' as much as you can. Saying 'please' when you request something to be done won't hurt either. This might not be very common in some cultures but sure enough they have their own equivalent of practices that show courteousness.

Greeting people with 'Good morning' or other greetings depending on the time of day will immediately change the mood and not to mention, it is a great icebreaker in any situation! These things though may seem trivial to some can go along way. It will brighten up your day and theirs too! A cheerful and polite person will definitely come across as more attractive than someone who looks stern and grumpy.

It is not so hard to appear more attractive afterall. Simply follow these steps and you will never be far from turning heads wherever you go.

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