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5 Ways to Wear Orchid: Pantone’s Makeup & Fashion Color of the Year, 2014

Updated on December 27, 2013

Pantone has finally announced the Top Makeup & Fashion Color of 2014. The winner? Orchid! Find out how to work this vibrant color into your clothing & makeup selections during the upcoming year.

Orchid comes in a variety of shades. Select the best one to fit your skin tone

While it sounds like a pretty hue for flowers or Easter bonnets, this fuchsia-esque shade of pink has been notoriously outdated in the fashion world. Since Orchid is gearing up for a come-back, here are some fashionable ways to rock it!

The color orchid can vary widely, in a range of pink or purple variations. It's important to choose the shade that best compliments your skin tone.

Fuchsia Orchid typically has cool undertones, which means vibrant hot-pink shades of Orchid will look great on those with fair skin. People with warm skin tone might have a bit more trouble pulling off brighter pink shades of Orchid, and should instead opt for muted or smoky purple variations.

5 Fabulous ways to wear Orchid!

Orchid works best as a highlight or complimentary color – so for your best look, wear Orchid in small amounts, and don’t overdo it.

1) To brighten your summer time cosmetic routine, try an Orchid lipstick

Orchid can really brighten up your complexion. You can opt for hot pink Orchid, or a more subdued light pink. Just be sure to wear either Orchid Lipstick OR Orchid Eye Shadow. Pair the two together and people might think you're headed to an 80's dance recital.

“Exotic Orchid” - Light pink orchid lipstick by Lancome

“Orchid 117” - Hot pink orchid Black Label lipstick by NYX

Orchid Lipstick Colors 2014
Orchid Lipstick Colors 2014

2) Try sparkly or smoky Orchid eye shadow on your lids for a subtle pop of color

Try Sparkling Orchid for summer parties or a night out! To achieve a neutral a daytime look, Smoky Orchid will be your best bet. Much more fun than basic taupe or black, Smoky Orchid gives the perfect hint of color.

“Poison Orchid” Bright Purple Eye Makeup by Too Faced Cosmetics

“Purple Haze” Smoky Orchid Eye Shadow by Mattify Cosmetics

Bright Orchid & Smoky Orchid Eye Shadow
Bright Orchid & Smoky Orchid Eye Shadow

3) Purchase Orchid accessories, such as purses, necklaces, or hair clips

Fun Orchid accessories will add color to otherwise drab outfits! You can even add Orchid highlights to your hair, using products like Manic Panic in "Cleo Rose" or "Lie Locks".

Orchid Pink Flower Hair Clip by “itsashorething” on Etsy

Orchid Statement Necklace by Mary Occasions

Orchid Pink Clutch / Wristlet by Coach

Orchid Accessories
Orchid Accessories

4) Wear an Orchid cami, tank or cardigan to liven up a neutral outfit.

Orchid will add a pop of color to any outfit! Look for tanks printed with Orchid flowers, or pair a solid Orchid cardigan with black or denim to brighten the entire ensemble.

Flowered tank by White House Black Market

Orchid Pink Cardigan on Polyvore

Orchid Brightens any Look!
Orchid Brightens any Look!

Orchid is a great color for swimsuit weather!

Summon thoughts of beach days with an Orchid in your hair & fruity drink in your hand! Orchid swimwear looks flirty and fun, while the contrast against tan skin will give you an added glow.

Orchid Flowered Bikini by Lisa Blue

Orchid Flower Sarong / Swimsuit Cover Up by Cheri Fashion on Etsy

Orchid at the Beach
Orchid at the Beach

How Will You Wear Orchid?

In the comments below, share the ways you like to wear bright colors!


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    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 3 years ago

      Such a pretty color; makes me want to go shopping. Nice hub, I really love the images.

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