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5 Ways to lift your mood through fashion

Updated on September 17, 2013

When it comes to clothing and getting dressed up, all you really have to do is to make a few simple adjustments to your mindset in order to find enjoyment and have a happy experience. Here are some fun ways to find inspiration and become elevated simply through the process of getting dressed up!

1. Feast your senses - Expose yourself to something new

Hands up if you’ve often hurriedly thrown a look together or had a few ‘go to’ outfits in the week that you put on with no real thought to fashion or symmetry.

Yes, we tend to miss a crucial aspect of understanding the reasons as to why we adorn our bodies the ways we do. Dressing up is often less about what you put on your body but also about being exposed to new and exciting experiences and filling your sights and horizons with something new. Clothes are a very emotional thing. By going to new and unexpected places when you next shop for a new item of clothing you also have the cool double whammy of making an emotional connection with the next piece of hot clothing that you get.

Take a trip to a vintage market, an eco-friendly tourist destination, or a seaside holiday and meet with the quirky local boutique owners. That way when you buy your next big get, you will always have a memory that you associate it with. Smile!

2. Make it yourself

If you’ve ever felt the need to unleash your inner fashionista or channel your inner Anna Wintour, now is the perfect chance. Take the reins and put together your own exciting combination. What better story than putting on a garment in the morning as you prepare for work or as you head out for a glam event with the knowledge that, ‘hey, I made this!’

Nowadays there is so much information that you can get out there online for new and exciting ways to either make or embellish clothing. Take a look at Pinterest tutorials and have a look at Etsy to get some smart ideas for clothing that you can make by yourself. This doesn’t just have to apply only to clothing; collect beads, pieces of fabric, leather straps and make your own accessories. The feeling of accomplishment that you get will be second to none.

Check out these fun fashion DIY ideas on Pinterest!

Embellished collars

DIY T-shirt

3. Swap with friends

Make an event of it! Everybody would love to save a dollar or two when it comes to life and well if we can tighten the belt on clothing bills and still look super savvy, why wouldn’t we?

While this is a great way of saving money and still putting your best foot forward, if you’re planning a clothing swap party have a short list of rules and regulations that you adhere to just so that nobody feels out of place and put out.

This one will take a little planning so make sure it is a trust worthy bunch of friends and Have a clothes swap party

Agree on the following (and add some of your own rules)

  • No torn or smelly garments with holes allowed.
  • Clothing swapped should be restricted to outer garments only.
  • The clothing swapped should still have some wear left in them – give as you would like to receive.
  • Both parties should be in agreement to the trade off

Participate only if you agree to the above terms and conditions, not under duress of peer pressure or any other sort of pressure.

Now comes the fun part! The host of the party can decide on a tone of music, light snacks and entertainment or get the people coming to the party, to bring and share light finger foods.

Some great snack ideas:

  • Fruit and nuts
  • Pretzels
  • Cake pops
  • Mini subs and sandwiches
  • Pizzas

Or basically whatever takes your fancy…

Some ideas to get you started
Some ideas to get you started

Now, crank up that music, laugh out loud, swap those stories, articles of clothing and accessories. Walk away with the memory of the fun times, the money saved and the memories made. When the people at your workplace look at you and comment on your fabulous new outfit, smile with the knowledge that you made an inspired and fun choice!

4. Go Designer

On the other end of the scale, you may want to go a bit up market and try things that are a little more ‘high end’ for a change. Presuming you’ve been good - most of the time, finances are up to scratch and that it is within your means, how about going designer for a change.

If you have been getting clothing mainly from department stores and have your utilitarian black pants, tops and heels, going designer could be a total treat.

Choose a design house within your means. Think new lines, symmetry, color, crisp well made garments. Everybody deserves a few conversation pieces with a little extra pizzazz. Choose an item, whether it’s shoes, dresses, jackets and tops, know a bit about the designer that you are buying from. Find one who’s cause, mission statement, fashion creations and look and feel strike a chord within you.

Feel a sense of glamor, history and a story follow you wherever you go.

Often, we find that we don’t know what’s in our very own wardrobes. With our busy lifestyles, we end up stockpiling things at the very yawning recesses of our wardrobes and cupboards. Take some time to dive in and wade through your possessions. Get rid of the items that are simply not wearable anymore, bag and give away reasonably wearable items for charity or a thrift shop and take stock of the contents of your wardrobe. You may come up with good items that you never knew you had to begin with.

Take the time, to wash and launder some of those items and restore them to their pristine glory. Get in some new hangers and shelves, take your ‘new found’ stash of clothing treasure and give them pride of place in your wardrobe. Aside from the sense of accomplishment that you should feel, you’ve made way for something new and felt inspired about the ‘new finds’ in your wardrobe that you never before realized that you had.

While you’re getting rid of the unnecessary and making way for the new, take a look at this fresh and exciting video for 5 Dessert inspired outfits- How to wear pastels.

Consider these final ideas if you’re looking for fashion inspiration.

Think of the following points

  • Accessorize - Look at the ways in which you can add pieces of interest to your clothing
  • Add color - Even if the bulk of your wardrobe consists of black, beige and neutrals you can still add a pop of color here and there to add interest to your clothing.
  • Experiment with prints and designs - For immediate texture and interest add a print or an eye catching design to create body and dimension.
  • Watch videos any tutorials - The world is your oyster! Well at very least, the internet is. Log on and search for video tutorials on how to customize your clothing. You literally have a world of inspiration at your fingertips
  • Think of extras - Color your hair, don’t forget make up, scents and fragrances. The little things DO matter in getting a sense of polish.

Here’s to finding new and exciting ways to be inspired by your clothes!


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