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5 Best Lip Balms for Different Purposes

Updated on May 1, 2013

Crazy Weather = Lip Balm Expert

The word Ohio from has the following meaning: "random weather patterns; making meteorology nearly impossible." Seriously, this is true. This is where I am from and only in Ohio will the weather go from 30 degrees in one day and jump to 80 the next. It's like living with a bipolar spouse or something. You would think, "hey, it's not so bad if you are inside all day," but crazy temperatures make it a nightmare to temperature-control buildings! Just when the thermostat is set to AC mode to cool down people on a hot day, it becomes below freezing that night! And so everyone is shivering in their skimpy little sundresses. I narrate this from experience.

Well, this crazy situation of course creates Ohioans who are adept at accommodating any type of weather any time. For example, we tend to dress in layers. This way, when it gets too hot, we strip down to a tank top or lightweight shirt. When it gets too cold, we layer on a long sleeved shirt and/or a chunky sweater (and top it off with a jacket). We also love the layered jackets so that we use the spring jacket for Spring and Fall, and use both the outer shell plus the spring jacket for our snow heavy winters. Brilliant, aye? :)

But today, I want to share with you a few lip balms that I always have stowed in my purse or collected at home that suits different kinds of weathers. I got tired of using think lip balms in the Spring, and wimpy lip balms in the Winter, so here is my list of five lip balms for different weathers and different purposes. Take this as a gift from a prior-disgruntled Ohioan! Thanks for reading!

Lip Balm Budgets

Much like any beauty need, lip balms can range from a few cents to a whopping 30 or 40 bucks for name brand products. While some swear that expensive lip balms are better, I tend to go for the cheap and effective ones. What is your opinion?

How much do you spend on a lip balm on average?

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For the Harsh Weather


So you stop right there and say... bah! Vaseline is not a lip balm! Hear me out on this one... it is one of the best.

Vaseline is basically petroleum jelly and nothing else. Turns out that many lip balms are made out of petroleum jelly and added ingredients that make your lips colorful or tasty or sparkly. During Ohio's harshest weathers, when the air is below freezing, there is a foot of snow on the ground and you have to attempt to walk through the icy wind from your car to the grocery store, this is it. A quick swipe of this coats your lips quite thoroughly and thickly. There is no chance that your lips will freeze or become chapped.

An unexpected benefit of Vaseline being so thick is the fact that you are deterred from chewing or licking your lips. You really don't want to swallow the goopy stuff, but it can do wonders while it is on your lips. A win-win! The other use of Vaseline is to place some on your lips right before you go to bed. I like to swab some on, keep in on overnight (as much as I can through all the tossing and turning) and then use a toothbrush and brush off the Vaseline (if any remains) the next morning. This will help remove any lingering dead skin and leave your lips feeling smooth and soft. During the day, you can apply other balms that are lighter, but because of your Vaseline routine, the balms will slide on very smoothly. Doing this a few days in a row can heal chapped lips really quickly.

Finally, Vaseline is a really inexpensive lip balm and has multiple other uses including softening the balls of your feet, softening your hands, and more. If you like to be frugal, buying a box of Vaseline can be a great choice. Instead of using fingers, use a Q-tip for easy and hygienic application. Also, if you like some on the go, there are travel sizes available at any grocery store. The multi-purposefulness plus the great quality of Vaseline makes this one of my top lip balm choices.

Vaseline Products on Amazon

I have listed some online Vaseline products that you can order through Amazon. You can also buy them at your local grocery store, but online shopping saves you the gas :)

For the Summer Weather


Mmm... Eos (which stands for Evolution of Smooth) is one of my favorite lip balms. One of the most unique aspects of Eos is that unlike normal lip balms, this is shaped in a roundish ball. I love that this shape allows me to cover both lips in one swipe! Mwaaah and done!

Eos is a very light chap-stick, lighter than Vaseline and pretty much every chap-stick I've tried. One review that I read before buying this for the first time said that her husband really loved it when she put it on because he didn't feel a gloppy mess on her lips every time he kissed her :)

Another unexpected benefit of Eos's round shape is that it never gets lost in my purse! The round hard eggshell shape makes it easy to stick a hand inside a purse and pull it out. The only concern is whenever I drop it, it rolls around a bit before I can catch it! But I suppose a normal chap-stick tube would suffer from the same issue.

Eos comes in many different flavors and even offers 3 different organic flavors: Summer Fruit, Sweet Mint, and Honeysuckle Honeydew. I can personally attest to Summer Fruit being absolutely delicious; you might end up having to reapply often because it smells so good! For those summer hot days when you don't want anything too heavy, I would highly recommend Eos!

For Spring and Fall

Burt Bees

Burt Bees lip balms are probably one of the most earth friendly, skin friendly, health friendly, eco-friendly, and many other friendly lip balms that exist out there. Burt Bees are literally made out of bees wax which is a natural skin soothing product. These chapsticks run a little higher than the normal chapstick but having one around is something I would highly recommend.

During the Spring and Fall seasons, Ohio air is pretty variable. We can get some really hot days, some really cold days, some hot and cold days, and some mild days. For the hot days, I like that Burt Bees has suncreen built into their lip balm products. One of the most missed spots for sunscreen is our lips; they also can burn! However, Burt Bees is not too thick either so it doesn't create a thick layer on your lips. At the same time, the bees wax in the product is also very restorative. When it gets a bit on the colder side, I don't have to switch out my lip balm and can still use Burt Bees to prevent cold sores and prevent myself from licking my lips too much.

Burt Bees also comes in many flavors and varieties, but I probably like their classic the best. I also love how they offer their lip balm in a tin, in addition to tubes, which again, prevents my lip balms from being lost in my labyrinth purses. Finally, Bees also offers a bunch of their lip balms with coloring which is great to use if you are going out or for a special occasion. This way, you don't have to resort to artificial products to add a dash of color to your lips!

Count Em'

How many lip balms do you own?

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For the Days


My first love: ChapStick. This was the first tube I ever bought, the first tube I lost, the first tube (and not the last) that went through the washer and drier, and countless other first moments. ChapStick is classic; it does the job right and regardless of which lip balm I am looking for, I say "Where is my ChapStick?"

For the days that you don't wish to analyze your lip problem, for the days you just want a no-hassle application, go to ChapStick. It is classic, it is offered in a ton of different flavors and you feel no regret if it accidentally falls out of your pocket because you know you have a bunch stashed somewhere at home.

It may not be my perfect choice of lip balm, but it certainly is a good one and one that you can't go wrong with if you decide that you don't know what to choose. It is poignant and reminiscent. It is art.

OK maybe that is a bit too far, but basically what I am saying is that ChapStick is a great chapstick that is cheap, works, and comes in many flavors. With all that, there is no way of going wrong with a bit of classic in your purse.

For the Sunny Days


Carmex has two purposes for me. Either I use it as my go-to sunscreen or I use it for fancy events when I don't feel like wearing lipstick.

Carmex is one of the oldest lip products out there and done wonders for healing and protecting against cold sores and chapped lips. Personally, I like Vaseline better for this purpose because it is more natural and more effective (in my opinion). But running under $1 (sometimes), Carmex is a great all around product which I especially like to use as a sunscreen.

Carmex is a bit thicker than your normal chapsticks because it is a gel-like substance that comes out of tubes or tins. Carmex offers one particular variety, Strawberry, with SPF15 sunscreen which I use for the blindingly sunny days of Ohio. The nice thing about this jelly-like product is that it also gives your lips some shine. So, instead of lip glosses which are sometimes sticky and disgusting, applying Carmex can give you the same shininess without color and gives your lips some restorative healing. The original Carmex is the one I would recommend if you decide to go this route.

It is budget friendly, multi-purpose, and shiny, which makes this one lip balm that, if not in my purse, is always available in my home!

I'd Love to Hear Your Thoughts!

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    • Carashops profile image


      5 years ago

      I tend to buy a lip balm, and forget to transfer it from one handbag to another. I then have to buy another one!


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