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5 Shocking Causes of Acne and How You Can Overcome Them

Updated on January 28, 2014

Acne is a skin condition that can heavily affect its sufferers. From mild to heavy, acne can completely destroy the confidence of its victims, and in a lot of cases, leave permanent scars. Although the most popular victims of acne are indeed teenagers, children and adults can suffer from the condition.

Let’s get straight to the point. What are the most common causes of acne? What causes it in the first place?

1. Genetics

Number one is, without a doubt, genetics. Genetics play a huge part in shaping us all, and it’s absolutely no surprise to find out that what actually causes acne is something inside you. This doesn’t mean to say that it can’t be cured, but if you have a predisposition for naturally oily skin, then your chances of suffering from acne are unfortunately quite high. The only thing you can do here is see your doctor, or even better, a qualified skin specialist, as they will be able to run some tests and provide you with a personal solution, such as a lotion.

2. Eating certain foods

This is a huge one. Many people suffer from allergic reactions from eating certain foods, and it really can be any type of food, too. For example, I have a friend who breaks out in acne every time he eats chocolate – although unfortunate, it’s just the way it goes. The cure here is to watch what you eat, and then watch when your acne comes up. For example, if you eat bacon one day, and the next you have acne, there could be a possible link between the two. The best way of ensuring this doesn’t affect you is to eliminate the foods you are sensitive to, or any high-fat high-sugar foods, and follow a healthy diet.

3. Hormones

Yes, it’s well known that the teenage years are when people most commonly suffer from acne. Growing up and experiencing a surge of hormones can in many cases lead to spots forming, and in the worst case, developing into full-blown acne. Although there is little you can do aside from try to wait it out until you’re older, you can use over the counter lotions and creams that can reduce the appearance of spots.

4. Stressful Situations

Whether you’re at school or at work, stressful situations appear every day. If you find that you’re particularly stressed most of the time, then this may certainly be a prevalent cause of your acne. The good thing is that there are a few natural things you can do to reduce your stress, and therefore your acne, without taking any medications or surgery. The most common stress reducers are meditation, exercise, playing sports, or relaxing with friends. Chances are, the less stressed you are, the less your body will react.

5. Poor Hygiene

Lastly, it’s important to round this article off with a dose of common sense. Poor hygiene can in some cases lead to acne. It’s important to develop good hygiene habits, such as taking a shower daily, and washing your face daily too. There are some acne-specific creams that you can wash with, so if you suffer badly, consider those.

There are of course other causes, but these are the most common in people today. Try to live a clean, healthy, and stress-free lifestyle, and in most cases, the acne will disappear on its own. Medicines available can help reduce the noticeability factor of bad spots and acne. But now you have the knowledge, you have the power to change and rid yourself of this condition.


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