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5 great tips to help you choose a woman’s belt

Updated on June 2, 2009


Today women have become more and more demanding. For a man, it’s a constant challenge, while the most daunting task is to offer gifts. The ultimate gift has to be personal and unique. The common guy doesn’t even dare to keep up with fashion trends. However, there are a few items that never get out fashioned. Belts are one of them.

1 - Confidence

Buying women apparel can be hard. The first difficult task is to enter a women clothing store and ignore the stares of the customers around. Act confident and like as if you did that your entire life.

Amy Salinger tips to choose a belt!

2 - Don't be ashamed, ask for help!

The next important task is to find suitable help. Look for a shop employee and notice the eyes. By the look you see what she is thinking. If she’s there to help or so sell you the most expensive accessory that exists in the store. A wise decision will certainly mark the difference.

3 - To whom are you buying a belt?

Then, the brand game begins. You have all sort of brands, sizes and shapes to choose for. Luis Vuitton, Dolce Gabana, Boss, DKNY (just to mention a few) will appear from every corner. At this point you need to take a step back and think about the person that the gift is for. Is she casual? Is she the executive type? Maybe girlish or simply practical. All those key factors come into the scene. Remember that you’re buying the ultimate gift. The very one piece of accessory that will make her remember you at all times.

4 - Pay attention to the color

A rule of thumb to follow every time is to follow the color code. Remember all the times she was with you. Do you see a pattern in the color she wears? Does she wear bright vibrant colors? Or simply grays whites and blacks? Is she a pink fan? That’s the real key to buy the right belt for her. Try to remember that you’re not buying this for you! Do it doesn’t have to be practical. It has to be appreciated!

Some fashion belts ideas

5 - The package is very important

The belt itself is a great gift. However, it is a bundle. You can offer a great belt but the packaging is lousy. You’ll lose points instead of wining. You can offer the most beautiful jewel, but if you give it in a brown paper bag, you’re doing a mistake. Attention to the details. A nice box, with a nice lace it’s important. Also, put the box in a good looking paper bag. And add a postcard, handwritten, with something meaningful. Don’t ask anyone to write it for you. It’s better to write something blunt then something impersonal.


With these tips you’ll find the perfect belt for the women you’re trying to impress. And in the way, you’ll also realize that you know a lot more about her that you though you did. And that also forces you to look into the details. And, after all, the thing that really matters is the details. Always the details.

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Happy shopping!


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